05: Lesson Questions by JG

The following questions may be helpful to you in presenting the lesson to a class, at home, or alone. They are provided with the hope that they stir you to think and pray and not just react. Each set of questions corresponds to a section of the SSNET Lesson Guide, for this week Lesson 5.

1. Leading thought. Do you express joy when you’re attending a worship service? Do you arrive at the church where you worship feeling genuinely happy regardless of what went wrong the week before? Do you think God ever experiences happiness in spite of all the horrible events going on here on this wicked earth? Did the Israelites have any reason to rejoice because of evidence that the Lord cared deeply for them? Should we seek to worship God only in circumstances that bring us joy and happiness? If we don’t care for the sermons or like the music style, should we look for another church? What if there isn’t “another” church? Led as it was by the mighty presence of God Himself, were the services conducted at the portable temple in the wilderness or the glorious one hundreds of years later, all that God wanted them to be for His people?

2. Instant reaction. Your lesson guide touches on the demonstrations of God’s power and character as described in Leviticus. How does the Bible (Leviticus 8) describe the way the Israelites were overwhelmed after the sacrifices were offered and a blessing shared with the people as led by Aaron? What impact did the instant consuming of the burnt offering have on the people? Do you think they understood something they didn’t know clearly before? If so, what? Have you ever been overwhelmed by a worship experience? Should we sense the presence of the Lord in our worship services? Is it acceptable to receive God’s presence as we do in a much milder manner than the Israelites did when they reacted to dramatic demonstrations God’s presence?

3. Consumption. Two consuming fires were sent by the Lord of heaven and earth. One consumed the offering. What did the other fire from God consume? Does God destroy everyone who blasphemes His name or disobeys His specific commands? Why then did He make such a public spectacle of Aaron’s own sons? Do you think the sin of Nadab and Abihu corresponds in any way with the sin of Cain outside the Garden of Eden? If so, what would the similarities be? Didn’t Nadab and Abihu pay enough attention to what God asked them to do? Are we ever too eager to substitute our way, our interpretation, our ideas of what matters most instead of accepting what God has revealed to us in His Holy Word?

4. Moses’ death. How did many of the patriarchs die in their old age? Can you imagine a grandparent or other relative of yours calmly issuing a long and penetrating idealogue and then falling asleep in death? Have you ever considered making plans for your final conversation with family and friends before your death? Do you think we should work harder at making death a peaceful and cheerful experience? Can God give us peace as we face the “grim reaper?” How? When should we start building a positive friendship and trust relationship with Jesus so that we’ll have a better end-of-life experience? How can that be done?

5. Surrender. Does the idea that we must surrender ourselves totally to God and His will bother you at all? As long as we follow the good traditions of our family and friends, isn’t that enough of a worship experience? Are we able to give a habit or a hobby to the Lord with the dedication of Hannah when she gave her son to the temple to be trained as a worker for God? How was it possible for such a young child as Samuel to surrender himself at a tender and vulnerable time of his young life to Jesus? Most mothers shudder thinking about the sacrifice of Hannah in giving her son to the Lord’s work. What gave her the courage to do what she felt she must do for her son?

6. Obedience. How much do you love to obey God? What is the most thrilling act of obedience you commit on a regular basis? Is it possible to be guilty of rebellion against God simply by spending too much time and energy on one aspect or other of being a Seventh-day Adventist? Have you ever had a pet dog? Did you motivate your dog to obedience through punishment or through loving rewards? Both methods work, at least to some degree, with our pets, but what about God’s people? As much as we like doing things “our” way, is obedience to God’s will good for us? How?

7. Good and evil. Does it seem a simple thing to you to distinguish good from evil and do what is good? What are some ways we can help our fellow church members experience deeper joy and peace than they can on their own? Do we ever err in pointing out “evil” when we lack the facts or the perspective to know if the situation is evil as we believe it to be? What about going along with careless or irreverent chatter concerning God’s appointed servants in our church? Or His holy law? What are some of the temptations Satan seems to be working hard to trip you into sin? What is the only cure for sin? What is the greatest reward for victory over sin?



05: Lesson Questions by JG — 8 Comments

    • Thank you so much for those thought provoking questions. I teach Sabbath School on occasion, and your ideas were so helpful. I thank you all so much for your teaching plans. It helps us with life application, and taking the lesson to another level. Blessings to you all

  1. Asked at the nth hour to teach SS this morning. Found your questions and plan to use in teaching the lesson. thanks for the great helps. I really like this. Keep 'em coming.

  2. I would love to comment on obdience, without loving the one who give law or command, there will never be obdience.In oder to obey God we have to love Him fully.As we know that obdience is a key,when we obey God give us his blessings.I am proud and find joy inmy heart to say I LOVE GOD.

  3. I think up these questions to benefit the teacher and the student, which we all are, if we think about it. Thank you! JG

  4. The questions are helpfull and lead one to go through the lesson with good understanding. After reading the lesson, I want to think of Obdience as a master key to love and that it draws closer our relationship to God.

  5. When I asked where one could find a copy of Rosalie's manuscript my comment was not published. Why, I ask, would such a request be consigned to where I don't know?

  6. [Moderator's note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

    According to Mark; 2;26 when the disciples were hungry, Jesus fed them by breaking some of the corn branches on the Sabbath day, which the law did not allow, but but Jesus answered and said unto them; How he went into the house of God in the days of Abiathar the high priest, and did eat the showbread, which is not lawful to eat but for the priests, and gave also to them which were with him?

    So with this answer which Jesus gave, does it mean we are in a big trouble we can do something wrong?


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