06: Worship and Song and Praise – Teaching Plan

Key Thought:  Song is an important medium whereby we express our contrition and need, recount God’s goodness, and offer Him glory and praise.

1.     Have a volunteer read I Chronicles 16:7-12.

A.    Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B.   Why is it important to remember God’s works, wonders, and judgments in worship?
C.     Personal Application:  How can these ideas be reflected in our corporate worship of the Lord?
D.   Case Study :  One of your relatives states, “Is giving personal testimonies part of worship? Most church worship is not participatory. It is more geared toward sermons that 9inspire or educate. Should our worship be more participatory than it is?” How would you respond to your relative?

2.        Have a volunteer read Job 38:6,7

A.      Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B.    If heaven is a place of singing and joyful shouting, how joyful should our worship be here?
C.      Personal Application:  What kind of music do you listen to and how does it impact your relationship with God?
D.     Case Study :  One of your friends states, ”I like Christian rock music and rock music period.  That kind of music gets me going and excites me. It makes me feel alive and I want to jump around and dance and shout. But my church is too conservative and thinks my way of worship is extreme.” How would you respond to your friend?

3.         Have a volunteer read I Corinthians 10:31.

A.      Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B.   Is there any type of music that does not bring glory to God?
C.       Personal Application:  Does everything you do bring glory to God? If not, should you change what you eat, drink, and do?  Share.

D.   Case Study :  One of your neighbors states, “If a person sings or plays music for churches as a business and gains notoriety and fame, could their musical talent become more focused on self rather than bringing praise, honor, and glory to God?”  How would you respond to your neighbor?

4.           Have a volunteer read Revelation 14:1-3.

A.      Ask class members to share a short thought on what the main idea of this text is.
B.   Why can’t anyone learn the new song but the 144,000?
C. Personal Application :  Are you comfortable with singing in church?  In              Front of others?  Are you good at singing?  What will be different about singing in heaven?
D.     Case Study :  Think of one person who needs to hear a message from this week’s lesson. Tell the class what you plan to do this week to share with them.




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  1. Very Informative. Congratulations to the contributors to this phase of study. May God continue to inspire yoyu all for this great Ministry of witnessing and sharing.

  2. This lesson is a reminder to all of us that the true motivation for worship is the King of Kings, and as such everything should be geared towards pleasing the Lord. Furthermore it must be genuine, heartfelt and be uplifting to others too. God bless!!

  3. Lesson discussion is very helpful. I was able to take a closer look at music in general. Keep it up. God's blessings.

  4. Lesson 6 Lesson Plan was a huge success in helping me deliver my lesson outlines to my class, especially the leading questions and the case studies. Please keep up the good work, I'm looking forward for lesson 7. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Thank you for your contribution through the lesson plan. It's been very helpful in delivering the lesson as it helps open up the lesson for class discussions that are relevant to the lesson focus, especially, the "case study"

    • Amen. Good comment. Music indeed should have a balance. Often one aspect overpowers the others.

      God bless,


  6. Ya-This is an eye opener.I was raised to believe that sacred music are hymns-now I understand the difference. Where do we draw the line when it comes to traditional instruments-for example our African drums-can we play them at church?

    • Do you think you can play your African drums to the glory of God?

      Can you play them in a way that does not make your listeners think of other gods?

      Can you play them in a way that makes songs honoring God more memorable?

      If your answer is Yes to the questions above, God would be honored by your drums played at church. It is also likely that some drums and some styles of playing would be more suitable for church than other drums or styles of playing. Some would never be suitable for church. At all times, musical instruments, including drums, should support the words, not overpower them.

      Worship is all about honoring God -- not about pleasing ourselves. And worship should not be tied to a certain culture. Thus worship in Africa might look different than worship in Great Britain, due to the difference in culture.

  7. Greetings I would like to comment on Sherpard
    with the question about the use of african drums.

    First of all I would like to remind everyone that no instrument is inherently evil. So theoretically all can be used but not all instruments are suitable for worship. Based on the sanctuary instruments which uses almost all kinds of instruments. Percussion, string instruments wind instrument etc.
    When it comes to the drums instrument, often there is great and heated debate revolving this particular instrument. And to be more specific the Drumkit.
    I would like to adress this point like Brian Neumann.
    First of all, do we need instruments to praise God with?
    Do we worship with instruments? No, ofcourse not.

    Does it happen when a person comes into the church and he or she sees a drum kit on the stage, can she be offended? Can it be a stumbling block to her?
    Does the lack of this instrument offend a person who comes into the church and who does NOT see the drumkit on the stage?
    Off-course not.
    So the apostle gives the warning that He will not do anything that can be a stumbling block to his brother while the world stand!
    For the UNITY its best to avoid that which brings DEVISION cause after all we do not worship with instruments and those that do want that instrument are not offended if they do not see it being used.
    Here comes another question.
    Why would we want to have a drum or a drumkit in the church for worship?
    I have asked this question to many people, and I really ask them why in all this discussion and pointless argueing for its presence in the church why want it ?
    They could only reply.
    To spice up the worship moment 1.
    Because I like it.2.
    Because psalm 150 tells to use it.
    Well those 3 are all bad motives. And God looks to our motives. The reason why song service is often dead is not because the instruments are not loud enough its because the family of God is not singing from a consecrated hearts, with conviction. Often people forget that the voice is the first instrument made and is the instrument that has the Priority in worship. So there is something wrong with the heart. Often people will include instruments to spice up the service.
    I like it is a selfish reason and worship is about what Does God desire, What does benefit the congregation , what do we Aspire to!
    Psalm 150 is not at all advocating the use of drums in worship. People read but do not exhaustively study this portion of scripture.
    Psalm 150 is a extended psalm of 149 which is a battle song. Sung after battle. And the people in the wilderness walk and say Praise God in the firmament Praise God IN His mighty firmament. Its simply meaning praise God who is in the heavens. And as you know there were 2 sanctuary one earthly one heavenly. But they are standing somewhere down celebrating saying PRAISE GOD IN .... HIS FIRMAMENT which is directing it to Heaven where God is. Not in the earthly sanctuary. I quickly explained this so excuse me. Now saying this I am not saying that we cant use certain instruments i am saying we use scripture for the use of certain doings in the church that has no foundation. We say well david used drums well if you study carefully He was disobeying God with the use of drums. This instrument was later removed from the list. Read read study carefully.

    Now saying all that. People often want to use drums or drumkit in worship to mimic the world. I believe if we use drums it has to be used in the light of how the cymbal was used back then. It support the melody, it should not detract from it, it should not empower the melody, it should not be mimicing worldly patterns and sedative beats and it should be used moderatly like salt. Balance is the key.

    Mostly you have contemporary gospel songs that from the start to the end you hear this constant use of backbeats syncopated beats.
    If you have 1 2 3 4 beats in a measure 2 and 4 are constantly accentuating. And you get the same PRIME BEAT the world uses in dance music such as rock jazz pop hiphop music. There is allot of different rhythms but they mostly use the crossing of rhythms. Which is derived from pagan worship that crept into african voodoo worship and other countries who also have voodoo or pagan practices which dates back till Nimrod perhaps earlier.
    So you got the bass drum going BOOM and the other beats crossing over it and a constant way. This is actually very hypnotic. And there is scientific research that points that people often like these rhythms because you can get into the GROOVE of the music. Music is a language that few people ever understand. So if its used i will say use it wisely use it to add crips and as a complementary to the melody. Never forget music has A. SOUND which is the medium which conveys and dictates feelings and B. Words which convey teology teachings and thoughts. The sound which is the medium should reflect the character of God. So its an art to translate what God is to music. Its an art to dictate the right feelings for in a worship setting. The words reflect thoughts teachings and theology must be an accurate depiction of the gospel and enhance it and its maker. Combined they make a powerful medium for the good.
    What I am always puzzled is why if dance and those things which were never done in worship and not the desired thing in worship, would we want to use rhythms that evoke or stir up dance movements in a worship setting?
    And most songs if you compare them with certain styles of the world are almost identical in rhythm with those we use for in Gods name! Ellen white tell us we should be as far as is the east which is from the west from the children of darkness. We should take a higher stand on music.
    Constant use of certain rhythms are just a misuse and not appropriate for in worship. And i mean the over accentuated rhythms cause rhythm is not bad its just always in music but you can have implied rhythms and an extension of rhythms.
    So I would appeal to all use instrument but use them wisely. but again also i would warn that not all instruments are suitable for in the church moment.

    Greetings and God bless,
    Kevin F.


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