02: The Idol – Thought Questions

Several teachers at an African secondary school were visiting one afternoon when one of them picked a stone carving out of his pocket and handed it around.

“This is an idol,” he said. “My yard boy gave it to me. He thinks this piece of rock has a lot of power.”

The head missionary in charge of the school came to his feet. “Give it to me,” he said.

The teacher [...]

13: Clothed in Christ – Thought questions

“Today we studied the second law of thermodynamics,” Robert said at mealtime.
“You’re getting a lot of knowledge in your head. What is the second law of thermodynamics?” Dad said.
“Um, I’m not sure, Dad. It’s about something called time’s arrow, so we know how things change over time.”
“Can you tell me how an arrow tells us about change?”
“Sure, Dad. If you take a lot of pictures of the same person or mountain or rock and you [...]

12. More clothing imagery: Thought questions

This morning I played for special music at my church. I was almost 68 when I bought a cello and started to learn to play. Now I’m 70 and am still catching on to how a cello is played. It’s not easy.

Today I was playing a duet with my teacher, Lorie. I had the solo part; she was accompanying me.

The first thing that went wrong was too many people for music today. The piano. The praise team. An electric bass. [...]

11. The wedding garment – Discussion starters


When Prince William and Kate Middleton began planning their royal wedding, people all over England began clamoring for the honor of attending this lavish event.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife were high on the list of non-relatives invited to attend. Other notables included the performer Sir Elton John, soccer player David Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, soul singer Joss Stone, and reigning monarchs from Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lesotho, Norway, and [...]