Resting in Christ – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith


Resting or Resisting. Jesus during His life on earth kept the commandments of God, including the Sabbath commandment. Does this mean that the Sabbath has remained unchanged?What is the root meaning of the Sabbath as presented by God in Scripture? Do you believe the seventh day is the Sabbath, created by God for eternity? If … [Click to read more …]

The Seen and Unseen War – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

John the Baptist in Prison Image © Pacific Press from

None greater than John the Baptist. What is the “unseen reality” that has a great impact on our lives? Why is there a screen hiding our view from the controversy between Christ and Satan?Or is there such a screen? Do we need to understand all the details of the Plan of Salvation before we can understand … [Click to read more …]

“Get Up and Walk!” Faith and Healing – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

"Get Up and Walk" Image © Darrel Tank from

1.       What do YOU think is the greater miracle–Forgiving our sins or healing us from a life-threatening disease? From God’s perspective, which does He dread the most—sin or death? Have you ever known a Christian who was so loaded with love for God that you felt that God should never allow that person to succumb … [Click to read more …]

The Sermon on the Mount – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

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He taught with authority.  Were Jesus’ listeners amazed that He spoke with authority even before they knew He was Jesus Christ? In other words, was it “who He was” or “How He spoke” that first impressed them concerning Jesus?The “Sermon on the Mount” is fairly short, but it is “the most powerful sermon ever preached,” according to … [Click to read more …]

2 The Ministry Begins – Discussion Questions
Joyce Griffith


“Come follow Me…” Our lesson begins by wondering if we all tend to think, sometimes, that we don’t really know why we’re here and what we’re doing where we are. Do you ever sense doubts that deep? Or at least wonder what your purpose in life is? “Another day, another dollar.” Why are we tempted to let ourselves … [Click to read more …]

01: Son of David – Questions for discussion
Joyce Griffith


The Son of David. Do you have a hard time with the expression that Jesus was “the Son of David?” What does this phrase mean? What special meaning does this title give to Jesus? Why is it important to believe that Jesus was the “son” of David? Another Genesis. If the account of Jesus’ genealogy in … [Click to read more …]

12 The Church Militant – Discussion Topics
Joyce Griffith


1. Seven churches. If we are living in the last days and identify most closely with the Laodicean church, do we even need to study God’s message to the other six churches? Or is it possible that each church has a message for us? Or that in our Christian experience we may struggle with the problems … [Click to read more …]

11 Peter on the Great Controversy – Discussion Questions
Joyce Griffith

Vancouver Lighthouse

Peter the scoffer repents and changes. Remember Peter at the crucifixion of Jesus? “Oh, no,” he cries out. “Not me. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jesus is nothing to me!” Those weren’t his exact words, but do they reflect his thoughts at the time of his betrayal? Didn’t Jesus had every right to throw … [Click to read more …]

10: Paul and the Rebellion – Discussion starters
Joyce Griffith


Who’s winning? Do we know the answer to that question when it is asked about the greatest conflict of all time? Do we ever feel ourselves trembling in fear when we think of the powers of evil unleashed and aimed at the everlasting destruction of Jesus and his people? Is it important to study Satan’s strategies and … [Click to read more …]