The Spirit and the Word – Discussion starters
Joyce Griffith

A new beginning. The Holy Spirit and Spirituality is the topic for the next three months as we delve into God’s Word to learn more about how God’s Spirit deals with us. The introduction to these lessons suggests that God is the primary force of the Old Testament while Jesus plays the lead role in the … [Click to read more …]

Some Lessons from Job – Discussion starters
Joyce Griffith

Lesson 14. Indeed we count them blessed who endure. We don’t normally have fourteen weeks in a section of the Sabbath School calendar, but this time we do. Why not consider this 14-week time period as an opportunity to learn the virtues of endurance? Of persevering? Of sticking it out? Job did, and his faithful life has … [Click to read more …]

The Character of Job – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

Light vs Darkness

The story of Job. That could be the title of this 42-chapter book in the Old Testament: The Story of Job. That is, Job the man. Job, facing the challenge of the world since sin took such a domineering role here. Job, wondering what is going on and what he can do about it, and how … [Click to read more …]

Job’s Redeemer – Discussion starters
Joyce Griffith

Jesus is the Way

The End in Sight. As we reach the conclusion of the story of Job do you see Job’s position as evidence of an unrelenting war between Christ and Satan? As often as you have studied the book of Job and considered its spiritual implications, have you been blessed this time through with one or more new … [Click to read more …]

11: Out of the Whirlwind – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

God Speaks. Where has God been in the discussion so far? Why do you think Job and his friends spent so much of their energy and talking time dealing with the nature of God when He’s not even participating in their discussion? Since God caused the events to happen that affected Job, why do you think … [Click to read more …]

The Wrath of Elihu – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

Miserable comforters. How would you like to be visited in the hospital after serious cancer surgery by one of Job’s “friends”? Have you ever been drawn into an argument between you and God about what is fair? Do you ever plead with God, “Why? Why?” Or do you stop talking to God when you can tell … [Click to read more …]

Intimations of Hope – Discussion starters
Joyce Griffith

The cross

“ ‘He also shall be my salvation, for a hypocrite could not come before Him’ ” (Job 13:16, NKJV). Seven days of silence. Have you ever kept quiet about some issue in order to stay out of trouble with others at work or in the church? If so, did it work? Did Job follow that procedure? … [Click to read more …]

Innocent Blood – Discussion Questions
Joyce Griffith

Pat Answers. As a Sabbath School teacher, were you ever put off–although of course nobody noticed–by pat answers? You might have begun a discussion on the essence of sin, for example, by asking the question, “What is sin?” and almost like a record player, someone would speak up, “Sin is transgression of the law.” Silence fell. … [Click to read more …]

Retributive Punishment – Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

Noah's Ark in the Flood

Retribution. [Lesson 7 for Nov 12, 2016] We don’t often see the  word “retribution” presented as the adjective, “retributive,” do we? What is retribution? Is punishment-bearing retribution stronger than simply suffering from the results of sin?  Why doesn’t God choose retribution as punishment for all of our sins? Or does He?   First Accusations from Eliphaz, … [Click to read more …]

The Curse Causeless? Discussion Starters
Joyce Griffith

Job's Suffering and the Discouragement of Three Friends

The Big Questions. [Lesson #6 November 5, 2016] Now as we listen to Eliphaz, how does the story of Job broaden? How would you feel if you were suffering from a disease or injury only to have a “friend” tell you it was all your fault? Does Eliphaz seem to be reminding Job that being human means taking the … [Click to read more …]