Inside Story: Twice a Fisherman

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Fabrice knew nothing of God or Jesus.

As a fisherman, he spent weeks at a time on board a ship. One day one of the sailors gave him a book about God. He read it with great interest. Following the book’s instructions, Fabrice prayed his first prayer.

Fabrice wondered which Christian faith was the true path to God. He really didn’t know who God was or where to find answers to his questions, but he continued praying in the only way he […]

Inside Story: The Breadcasters

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A boy stood on the bank of a lake tossing bread crumbs into the water.

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Small minnows and larger fish came to the surface to grab the crumbs. I thought of Ecclesiastes 11:1 which says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again” (NIV).

The Church’s radio and television ministries are like that boy and the bread. We are “breadcasters;” we cast the Bread of Life onto the waters of the […]

Inside Story: Our First Choice

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I am a Christian, but not an Adventist.

My husband follows a different religion. We chose to send our two sons to Zamboanga Adventist Elementary School in the Philippines because we wanted them to study in a school with strong moral values. We looked at several schools, most of which had better facilities, but we chose the Adventist school.

Our boys like this school. They joined Pathfinders and really enjoy the activities. The children and teachers are so friendly. I love working […]

Inside Story: The Bible Text

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The foreign evangelist wasn’t sure what to expect as the evangelistic meetings among the Romani (Gypsy) people of Bulgaria neared.

The leaders couldn’t locate a suitable hall to rent. But the Romani Adventist community would let nothing stand in their way. They built a platform on a dead-end street and put benches in the street.

On opening night, crowds packed the street around the homemade platform. People filled the yards, balconies of homes, even nearby rooftops to hear the message of salvation […]

Inside Story: Embracing the World’s Cities

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More than half the world’s population lives in cities, yet the Adventist work in the cities languishes.

God has a heart for cities. Speaking of Nineveh, He asked, “Should I not be concerned about that great city?” (Jonah 4:11, NIV). When Jesus came to this earth, He “had compassion on [the people] because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36, NIV).

Jesus showed how to minister. He mingled with people, showed sympathy, ministered to needs, won confidence, […]

Inside Story: Following the Sinners

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Gustave read the notice of evangelistic meetings in his town in Burundi.

He had heard about Adventists-heard that they are sinners because they work in their gardens on Sunday. But Gustave decided to attend the meetings anyway. He hoped to learn something new about God.

The messages touched his heart. Gustave couldn’t attend the meetings on weekdays because of school, but he went on weekends. By the end of the second week Gustave had many questions. He asked the church elder to […]

Inside Story: A New Master

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People living in the small West African country of Guinea Bissau lead lives of uncertainty and fear.

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Ongoing political unrest breeds fear for the future. But an even greater fear comes from the spirits which, they believe, control their lives.

Throughout the country “devil trees” stand as a reminder that the devil and evil spirits are never far away. Some people claim to have heard spirit voices coming from these trees. Often these voices sound like […]

Inside Story: A Passion for Sharing

Bible Lesson

My name is Christian, and I live in Denmark.

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My family has no real relationship with Christ; but when I was a child, my grandmother had taught me to pray and to trust in God.

My faith in God wasn’t popular with my classmates, and often they teased and tormented me. So when I was ready to enter high school, I didn’t want to attend a public school. My parents helped me find a Christian school, […]

Inside Story: Light in the Darkness, 2

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Nima was one of many Bhutanese who received a copy of The Great Controversy.

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He read it through several times and is sharing his discoveries about God with his family and friends in their small village in Bhutan. He meets with a small group of about 15 people in the bedroom of a house to worship. Several are preparing for baptism. And their numbers grow as Nima continues to share his faith and provide Adventist […]

Inside Story: Light in the Darkness, 1

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Bhutan is a small mountainous country lying on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and bordered by northeast India.

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For generations it has been cut off from the outside world. Bhutanese are nearly all Buddhist and Hindu. There are few known Christians in the country. But God has ways of opening hearts and leading seekers to Jesus.

Tepa was a monk in Bhutan, but he felt dissatisfied. One day he met a Christian couple who secretly […]