Inside Story: Courageous Little Evangelist


I’m Amir, a missionary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I was asked to hold evangelistic meetings in a village in the Congo, where I stayed with the pastor and his family.

Early every morning my evangelistic team and I gathered for prayer before setting out to visit people and study the Bible with them before they left to work in their fields. I noticed that Genick, the pastor’s 12-year-old son, joined us for prayer. When we left the house [...]

Inside Story: My Sister’s Faith

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My family is Buddhist, the traditional religion of Mongolia. I often visited the Buddhist temple to pray and even learned to chant some Buddhist prayers. I planned to become a Buddhist nun when I finished college.

Then my younger sister, Mungu, began attending the Adventist church. I told Mungu that her religion was foolish, but she continued attending church and even invited me to go. I began noticing that Mungu no longer stayed out until late at night, and refused to [...]

Inside Story: Learning Lessons of Love

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I had been assigned to a congregation in Cameroon that was facing a huge crisis.

A man had given the church land on which the congregation built a simple church. But the land transfer had not been completed when the man died, and his widow wanted the land back. She took the church to court, and the judge ruled that the church must buy the land for a huge sum of money or vacate the land within two weeks.

I called the [...]

Inside Story: Loved Into the Church

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Stephanie lives in Denmark, a largely secular country. When Stephanie experienced bullying in her middle school, she transferred to an Adventist school. Although at first she thought it was strange to have so many religion classes in school, Stephanie appreciated the accepting attitude of the teachers and students. She quickly made friends in the school, and several of them invited her to attend church. “I was curious about what Adventists believe,” Stephanie says, “so I went.” She noticed that her [...]

Inside Story: But Now I See


Dilip Tapu had lost his sight, and his future looked grim. His parents had taken him to many doctors in northeastern India, but no one could help him gain his sight. His parents found a special school for the blind where Dilip could learn Braille. But soon after he enrolled the school closed, crushing the family’s hope of an education for their son.

With nothing else to do, Dilip hung around with the street children and soon became addicted to chewing [...]

Inside Story: Our Great Healer

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Elsa V. Malig-on

Three-year-old Jenny never missed the morning and evening worships in our village. So when she didn’t attend one morning, I missed her. “Where is Jenny?” I asked

“She’s sick, teacher!” one boy answered.

After worship I went to check on Jenny and found her lying in her family’s one-room house, writhing with pain. I prayed for her and mixed some simple herbal medicine for her. Soon Jenny fell asleep.

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When I returned later to check [...]

Inside Story: God’s Patient Pursuit, Part 2

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I found a job and was doing well, but I wasn’t satisfied. I sensed that God had something else in mind for me. A friend called and offered me my dream job. It was everything I wanted, and the pay was excellent. I could rise quickly to the top of my field. It seemed perfect! I agreed to interview for the job.

That same week an Adventist evangelist came to hold meetings in our town. His wife would hold training sessions [...]

Inside Story: God’s Patient Pursuit, Part 1

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I grew up in a non-Christian family in India. I attended a Christian boarding school and lived a highly regimented life. So I wasn’t ready for the freedom I found when I moved to Australia at age 16 to study.

Many of the young people at school smoked and drank. I wasn’t interested in these things and avoided the young people who were involved in these activities. I attended church for my first year in Australia, but then I quit. I [...]

Inside Story: Fwachi’s Faith


“I hear you’re attending the Adventist church,” Fwachi’s mother greeted her. “I hope you haven’t been baptized!”

Fwachi stood silent, unsure what to say. She had come home from Zambia Adventist University planning to tell her mother that she had been baptized. Now what should she say?

Fwachi had grown up in a Christian home. Her sister invited her to visit the Adventist church, but Mother refused to let her go. However, when Fwachi finished high school, she wanted to study at [...]

Personal Evangelism and Witnessing Made Easy

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If “one truth received into the heart will make room for still another truth,” 1 we wonder in what sequence the truths we hold should be presented in order to be most effective in our outreach. Our Sabbath School lesson on “Personal Evangelism and Witnessing” also asks, “Why should Christ’s substitutionary death always be at the forefront of all that we teach?”

I would like to deal with the last question first by sharing a [...]