Wednesday: The Cross and Creation

Read John 1:1–13. In what ways does John link Creation with the Cross? Why are the two teachings inseparable?   1

In numerous places the Bible clearly links the Lord as Creator with the Lord as Redeemer, a link that provides more evidence that evolution cannot be reconciled with the Bible, especially with the teaching of the Cross. Otherwise, what? The Lord would have incarnated into an evolved ape created through the vicious and painfully murderous cycle of natural selection, all in order to abolish death, “the last enemy” (1 Cor. 15:26)? But how can death be the “enemy” if it were one of God’s chosen means for creating humans, at least according to the evolutionary model? The Lord must have expended plenty of dead homo erectus, homo heidelbergensis, and homo neanderthalensis in order to finally get one into His own image (homo sapiens). What this would mean, then, is that Jesus came to save humankind from the very process He, as Creator, used to create it in the first place. If that sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is.

Read Romans 5:12. How does this text help us understand how crucial a literal reading of the Genesis Creation account is to the whole plan of salvation?

How is the idea of the Fall, so clearly biblical, explained by those who seek to meld evolution with the Bible? Does God use processes of violence, selfishness, and dominance of the strong against the weak in order to create a morally flawless and selfless being who then “falls” into a state of violence, selfishness, and dominance of the strong over the weak—a state from which he has to be redeemed—or else face final punishment?

Again, the absurdity of the position utterly rules it out. The only way to make sense of the Cross, of the need for the Savior to redeem a fallen race, is for human beings to have “fallen” from something, and a “fall” implies a descent, a degeneration; it means we went from what was good to something that wasn’t as good. That makes perfect sense from a literal understanding of Genesis; with evolution, it makes no sense at all. Indeed, the idea of evolution makes a mockery of the Fall and the Cross, as well.



Wednesday: The Cross and Creation — 3 Comments

  1. The for runner John, has linked us to the .light and that light is a bridge to what we threw away in the garden.

  2. It's clear that the devil tries to come up with something to contradict everything that God did or put in place. The cases in mind are: The devil came up with evolution to dispute creation, first day (Sunday) for the sabbath and he is also deceiving people by making them believe in immortality of the soul. The devil's works are clearly in contrast to our Loving God. Thank God that His ways are not wearisome to understand, like creation in this week's lesson. Why would i choose to believe in complicated theories that lower man to an animal when God Himself created us in His image.


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