Hope Sabbath School – Christ Our Sacrifice

Since we installed satellite TV earlier this year, Pastor Derek Morris’s Sabbath School Class on the HopeTV channel has been one of our favorites which we try not to miss. It is “an in-depth, inter-active study of the Word of God.” If you don’t have satellite TV, you can download the video or audio files and the lesson outlines to your computer from the site. And you may send in comments via email.


Pastor Derek Morris on HopeTV

Each week’s lesson includes thoughtful discussion that gets to the heart of the matter, and the heart of the matter is always Jesus Christ.

For Sabbath School teachers, there’s no better model of how an ideal Sabbath School functions, except that we can’t all have a class full of attractive young adults! Classes are a full hour long – the ideal. Unfortunately most Sabbath School classes are not that long. But if you can access this class, you will gain a real blessing. (Derek’s wife, Bodi, often composes songs to go with the quarter’s lessons for the class to sing.)

On a smart phone the link to the Hope Sabbath School site will probably be only good for downloading the MP4 and MP3 files and the lesson outlines. You can do that, or you can see this week’s lesson on Youtube instead. (It loads through my Youtube app.):

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Hope Sabbath School – Christ Our Sacrifice — 4 Comments

  1. HSS is also seen on Hope TV; check their schedule. If you don't have the channel then you can view it online through the Hope TV website.

  2. I really enjoy this program also. I love that it shows young people like myself studying their lesson. I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Morris this Summer in South Africa at "Youth World Congress" and it was wonderful in person as well.


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