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Hope SS: The Sealed People of God (Feb 9, 2019) — 2 Comments

  1. I Thank The Lord for you in prayer & for all those that keep on sharing God's love & "His Good News of Salvation". So many things are not worth watching on TV, nor online; but Programs like these, I fully reccomend. The Holy Spirit wants us all to help spread The Word, & I am blessed for having found you a couple of years ago on Direct TV ~ Channel 368 out here in Massachusetts. I pray God keeps you all from any harm, that you may keep on sharing & helping us understand His Word. Greeting to all His Saints in the Name of Jesus!

  2. Dear brethren in Christ, I hope and pray that everything is well with you all. 1Cor 11:1. Paul said imitate me. So you all are giving a clear signal to those who are listening to the living, fire,and hammer and sharper than two edge sword of the living word of our great God to join and to imitate you around the globe.
    For example if we go to our brother, sister and friends, how we dress to be in their wedding invitation?
    How much is important to be in God's presence when we worship Him together?
    Deut12:4,22:5, 28:27, Judges 8:21, Job 27:23, Is3:16-23, Ezekiel 25:6-7, and Col3:17. Matt 10:7-12, 1 cor 9:17-19. nobody wants to hear that. But it is a command from Jesus. It the benefits of the saints and a call to be worthy. May God help us by His grace. Amen
    If you a friends house to eat food with them, we look at the plate before for we eat the food whether it is clean or not. Is that right?
    The word of God the Bible exists to help saints God's people gain one thing is the foundation of all true education of all true services. It is the only real safeguard against Satan's temptation. It is the only path and light of life to eternity and can make us like our God in character. It is the knowledge and the voice of God.Amen.


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