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HopeSS: The Pre-Advent Judgment — 3 Comments

  1. Pastor Morris and the entire team, may the Good Lord bless your ministry. You really make the lesson so simple to follw and understand

  2. I'm from South Sudan, but currently live in Norway. Adventism is dynamic. I like it so much. When I compare the message I received in 1986 and the lessons from the sanctuary, they portray God differently. In 1986 I saw God as a dictator, unjust and ready to punish and destroy when He is angry. In 2013 I see God as a loving father who is ready to forgive and reconcile despite my mistakes. Therefore I keep His commandments because I love Him. I follow your programs every Sabbath. They are so edifying. They prepare the church for Jesus, who is around the corner. May God bless your efforts.


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