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I’m Not Racing With the World Any More — 11 Comments

  1. Hi William,

    Happy 48th Birthday!
    I used to play competitive sports: swim team, girl's basketball team, synchronized swimming team and tennis. That's one place where I learned when you play, always keep looking ahead to what you want to achieve. For me, I enjoyed the playing and it never mattered to me when I lost but such was not the case with many of the other players. I ended up giving up competitive sports because playing only to win took the fun and joy out of playing.

    30 years ago, I moved into an area with artists, painters, actors/actresses, writers, singers and professional people with incredible jobs in New York City and I found myself completely taken with some of these people. Then I started to be taken with some people in the church, sometimes with no good reason, except that it gave me a bit of excitement that perhaps I felt lacking. I had forgotten a verse you mentioned, "Philippians 3:13-14 NLT ...Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead"...in my own life. I have recovered from being "taken" with others.

    Today I needed cheering up and started singing part of a hymn which was what I needed. The only excitement that lasts is spiritual. Through the word, song, and others who care about us, we can move forward, not looking to or at other people, knowing God has a plan for our lives and it is always the best plan, in which we can find fulfillment.

  2. Happy 48th birthday William
    You've described in detail how I feel. I've compared myself to others for too long. From today henceforth it shall be a walk between 'my Lord and I'

    Actually, the 9th of November being my birthday, I could do well to share this article with friends, collegues and family.

    Once more, thank you for this timely encouragement and reminder...

  3. Happy belated birthday William. May God continue to bless you. Thank you for the reminder "Not to compare ourselves to others but to walk with and focus on Jesus Christ" .

  4. Happy Birthday William A little older and wiser.It's good not to compare our self with others. God made you, and the only person you can be and will ever be is yourself. Some of us take longer to figer that out than others.I happen to be reading 2CO.10:12 for my daily devtional,what a coincidence.I enjoyed your article about golf.Learning is a Life journey,as we keep our eyes on Christ we will win the prize.Happy birthday again.

  5. [Moderator note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]

    Happy belated 48th birthday William...
    Walking with Jesus could be the hardest thing one could do. Waking up everyday and be empower by praying and Bible study will help one to achieve their goal for the day. The Lords prayer gives us a reminder " lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil".... is a strong and powerful prayer verse. I try to remind myself that I should recite it every morning. It's amazing what the Lord can do from protecting me from the strong influence of the world.

    I always want to be like other people, but then somehow or another I just don't fit in, especially in talking, socializing. at my work place where I really wanted to fit in, but without helping it I'm far out from their nasty jokes, drinking session etc.
    I like the question at the end of Thursday where they asked, "what will you lean on in the day of judgement? it great to know that if we are leaning on Jesus now we will be leaning on him then.

  6. forgetting about the past and looking what is ahead thats my daily strength. Thanks again for reminding me. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY

  7. Happy belated birthday, William. I was truly inspired by your words. I have a birthday coming up next Wednesday and I will, like you, try "Not to compare ourselves to others but to walk with and focus on Jesus Christ" every day of my life. Thanks again!

  8. Congratulations William! You have found a treasure that most people in this planet still have not found yet! In fact the majority of the world are completely lost - lost in their physical, emotional and spiritual sides. You are in the right track to continue having a great life in this planet - and God wants us to be happy here and now too! Keep on and multiply your blessings to those who are still lost!

    As I always say: I AM A HAPPY MAN HERE AND NOW. Thanks to all knowledge I have been able to acquired thought many books including and specially the Bible and the Ellen G White literature.

    Yours brother in Christ

    Ailson De Moraes

  9. Happy birthday, William! I'm way older than you, but I've often wondered the same thing about people much younger and even same age as me who seem to be more advanced in their walk with God than I am, even though I've been "at it" a long time now. Your article blessed me. Thanks for sharing. I feel much better about myself (for now). 🙂


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