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Navigation links for mobile devices — 20 Comments

  1. For those with an i-device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) there is an app that works fairly well called "Sabbath School App". It has the Adult and other division quarterlies. However it is a PDF version essentially so there are no click-able links to the Bible texts.

  2. I believe you are a week ahead of us. ;)
    The next Sabbath is June 25, which is still in the second quarter. The first lesson of the third quarter will begin June 26 and will be discussed on July 2.

    • The link to the Hope Sabbath School with Derek Morris is still on the Adult Study Guides page. Click on to get there. Then you have to scroll down to get to the links.
      But I'll make a separate page for the audio and video links to make it easier.

  3. I am using a Blackberry Storm that is about 2 years old. I see a black bar at the top of the each page with "The Sabbath School Network" in it which is linked to the home page. At the right end of the black bar is a dropdown menu diamond which lights up with the pointer over it but doesn't open any menu. Under that is a search box that I can not enter text into so it doesn't work. Under that, on a blue background, are rectangular white boxes with the titles of the various posts, the top being "Navigation links for mobile devices". In the box is also the date the entry was posted and a small red circle with a number that I think indicates the number of responses to that entry. Also in the box is who posted the entry, categories and tags which act as links to entries of that type. Without this post I could only open the posts on the home page but not navigate to other sections of the site, including the Study Guide.

    I checked out on two new Android phones at the store and they got the same display and function on the home page.

    If you remove this entry with it's links, many mobile devices will be unable to navigate the site.

    • Thanks for the detailed comment. :) Since I just picked up my own 'droid, comments from users with other smart phones would be helpful. Some will probably show a drop-down menu at the top, others may show the menu at the very bottom of the page.

  4. I do need the "navigation Links to mobile devices" link to find the current lesson link on my iPhone. On the home page, I see the dates and titles of blogs.

  5. I typed into the browser on my stock Nook color and it brought me to the blog. Fortunately if i deep link to the current lesson i will go directly there. I came to the main site to read the intro to the new quarter. Thanks for the constant work it takes to always make this site available! God bless!

  6. Hello. I am using an android phone: HTC Inspire 4 G phone. I like the way the page is setup. It displays well on my screen. I can also manipulate the text size and everything fits in the reading screen. I can read the menu. When I get to the Home screen I see the blog page advertising the navigation page for mobile devices. Below this is the menu, in text with hyperlinks. I give a thumbs up.

    • Oh, John, thank you so much for your reply!

      It's nice to hear that the site displays well on at least one model of phone. Others have suggested it displays well on theirs, but we've had a lot of complaints that the menu doesn't show up.

      I appreciate your taking the time to give needed details. It helps a lot. Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. The Sabbath School quarterlies have helped me get to know who God is and how much he loves us.

    The work you have been doing to improve the site is awesome. Everything that you have added is making study so exciting. I don't have all the technology but on my computer I find the site so user friendly.

    Wishing you all endless blessings and joy and know you are loved.


  8. Please clarify where you are experiencing the problem. It sounds as though you are reaching the lesson study, and then you experience trouble with the Bible verses. Is that correct? (That is a different issue from navigation for mobile devices.)
    Do you see a menu on your iPad?

  9. Like the new format for the website...

    I noticed that there is a link to Logos Bible software now, and we are using the cool pop-up Bible references. I was wondering if there was a way to import the entire lesson directly into Logos? That would be awesome for me...

  10. We need an app for Windows Phone 7. The mobile links show the same text size as the desktop links except for the Biblegateway links. The mobile links worked properly during last quarter's lesson. Thank you for considering this idea.

  11. Are you please able to tell me if there is any way of getting the bible text links to show and work as they used to do on my apple devices .this problem seems to have effected all the apple devices on our sabbath school members and has been this way for at least 2 devices are not effected


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