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With apologies to those of you who loved our mobile theme, I have removed the mobile theme option. (Perhaps we’ll have to install a sleeker theme on our main site. :) ) Everyone should be able to use our menus now. Let us know if you cannot see the menu and need this post in order to find things. (If we don’t hear that you need this post, we will remove it from the top of the page.) Tell us what device (including model) you are using and what  you see when you get to the home page of SSNET, so we can improve things.

You will now see the same theme on smart phones as on desktops. You can just move the window sideways to see either the sidebar or the post column. Note that some mobile browsers have the option to show or suppress menus. Be sure that yours doesn’t suppress menus.

For Androids, I highly recommend Opera Mini for the best browsing experience for this site and probably many others. You will have more control over the size of the fonts, without the lines running off the edge of the page. Besides, Opera Mini saves you money by compressing pages, and it’s very fast. Note that Opera Mini is not the same as Opera Mobile. The “Mobile” version does not offer the advantage of compressing pages.

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[If  you’re looking for the original post on mobile navigation and the comments, click here.]

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Navigating for mobile devices — 4 Comments

  1. How do I get the current sabbath school lesson in your new format? I have not been able to get the lesson nor the helps that come with the lesson as I use to. Please help.

    • We're so sorry that the changes meant to improve things have made things more difficult for you, but you didn't give enough details for anyone to help you.

      In order for us to help you and others, please indicate the following through the link, if you can see it:

      What computer/device are you using:
      Mobile type:

      On what page/ URL are you when you try to reach the "Current Lesson"?

      What do you see when you get there?

      You should be able to find everything through the links at the top. Do you see the links at the top of your screen?

  2. Thank you for the updates. The layout can be navigated easily. I previously used an app for the lesson, but the web version is easier to use since I can click on the links for the Bible verses.

  3. The changes are looking great by the way on the site. I'm sorry you have to go through all that trouble though. But this article's really interesting and you did a great job on this one as well.


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