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  1. This is why I sometimes have trouble with those who believe that we should never use stories to teach. Christ did and He is my ultimate example.

    • I believed we should used or follow the same example of Christ. These teaching is the to let people understand more about Christ and the gospel..

    • I would only say that it depends upon the story, and it depends upon the audience. Stories and metaphors are good and help to enhance understanding, but I have also seen them abused to the extent of losing the focus of the message or becoming the message themselves.

  2. Jesus chose a good and functioning method when He used metaphor,images and stories in an attempt to convey the gospel truths to a mind poluted by unhealthy messages and myths from those who are not accustomed with the truths of the bible.Our minds are dwarfed by many things(eg Sin and sinful behavious, food,and unhealthy life style),and cannot decern the spiritual truths and teaching very easly,more efford,and various simple methods has to be used,for the sake of winning a soul to jesus.we need to follow christ example and relay gospel truths using simple forms of communication for every one to understand.

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    To demostrate an action that implicate truth is not easy but jesus through nature,and the familiar things that people were accustom to,conveyed deep secrets that were deeply hidden in nature......bravo brother storyteller jesus.........we take the example of jesus in teaching our children with the same bible stories. Amen

  4. I agree with my fellow learner that care should be taken to not let the story be about you, However, a lot could be learned from the story of a life lived. Check your motives! We could do a good thing but if our motives are not right it becomes sin to us and the wages of sin is death. Jesus our Lord knew that outside of the family of God we would need the kingdom business to be made simple. I thank God for meeting me where I was and where I am to get me to the place he needs me to be.

  5. Jesus used metaphors to reach out the the people in ways they could relate too. Plus it kept their interest. We also can use these for our own present circumstances.

  6. Luke 14:27-33;Matthew 7:24-27 captured my mind,and after i have read them,were intepreted to my mind this way:

    Christ is indicating or communicating to us the significance of Planning, implementation,evaluation of everynthing we intend to do in life. If one wants to commence a busyness,to marry,to change career, job and to study at an institution of high learning,he or she must count or calculate the cost,the person must try and determine whether the relationship he/she is starting this year will be cost-effective enough for them to reach their purpose,or its gonna be a burdensome to the others shoulders. Christ says,if you perceive that risks are higher than benefits,ie you won't be able to enjoy happyness and satisfaction to whatever you wish to start after you have counted the cost,he advices us, you and me not to start at all,because, you will be a loughing matter if you failed to accomblish your goal.Hence, he advices and urges everyone this year that before, we start to be involved in anything in life,we must do a proper planning and count the cost. Determine how much is it going to cost you and your life.the bible teaches us that life is precious, we need to preserve it at all cost.

    -count that how much it will cost you to start a permanent relationship with the type of a person/companions you are involved with this year
    - how much it will cost your church image, your behaviour,your reputation,your family, friendship and fellowship with others,after you have started whatever you wish to do this year.
    - make life easy for you and those around you,just by doing a simple life analysis, and follow Jesus advice and count the cost.
    - there is no need for you to suffer,just try and be strong enough to make self evalution and see your strength and weaknesses,then make a proper decision as to whether you will achieve your goals, yes you may achieve them certainly if you may just involve christ in the process of counting your cost,and he will help you,to built your future on him,as he is a sold Rock and sold foundation within which our lives are to be built -upon.

  7. An imagination is a gift from God and needs to be disciplined. What I mean by discipline is that our imagination needs to be centered in God. A misguided imagination can get a person into trouble.

  8. Many times, the message wrapped in a metaphor easily whispers to one's mind than an open statements. The message in a metaphor can easily capture the mind. But the open truth likely to be hindered by one's defensive mechanism even before its fully expounded. I appreciate that Jesus used metaphors to reach the deepest of our mind. This is the love of God!!!

  9. Jesus used the metaphor for Two main reasons
    1. To hide His identity- If the law makers were to know he was Jesus, then his mission couldn't be fulfilled. Also it could cause a confrict with the public more so those who knew nothing about christ. Assume somebody tells you that he is Jesus, will you believe him at once?
    2. The Metaphor was more practical. Actually they used to hear the gospel in a simple way. But Christ brought it in a deeper way by using metaphors. The metaphor sticks/ sinks well and gave the listener a urge to search what was really said.


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