Inside Story: The Compelling Message


Maria grew up in Poland.

As a teenager Maria searched for God, but she didn’t find what she was looking for. Eventually she returned to her parents’ church and immersed herself in its practices, hoping for spiritual fulfillment.

As she read the Bible, she discovered many texts that raised questions in her mind. The book of Revelation posed the greatest challenge, but her priest couldn’t answer her questions.

Maria’s husband wanted to leave Poland, which didn’t have enough television stations to satisfy him. […]

Inside Story: Way of Salvation

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I’m a young single young adult, and I live with my parents.

Recently some Adventists held meetings in my neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya. I heard some young people talking about the meetings. They said that I could hear some good preaching and see movies about Jesus. I decided to go.

The pastor’s message touched my heart. I decided to go again the next day, and again I was blessed. I wanted to talk to the pastor who had spoken, but he and […]

Inside Story: Divine Appointment

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I was a troublemaker in my village in India.

My father had introduced me to alcohol when I was 9 years old, and it became an overpowering habit. I quit school and stole money to buy liquor. My family, my health, and my friends all suffered because of me.

I began spitting up blood. Frightened, I stopped drinking until the blood-spitting ended. Then I started drinking again. I was 23 years old and married. Our lives were miserable because of my addiction. […]

Inside Story: A Changed Heart

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Fourteen-year-old Veresa [veh-REH-sah] listened as the doctor spoke to his parents.

“Veresa has a hole in his heart. But surgery can repair his heart and help him live a normal life.” Veresa tried not to worry about the surgery; he just wanted to be well.

Veresa’s surgery was a success. His parents couldn’t stay with him while he recovered in the hospital, so his nurse stopped by often to chat. Veresa looked forward to her visits and enjoyed hearing him talk about […]

Inside Story: Power of Music

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Kai Ming was a Christian.

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Her greatest joy was leading her church choir. Then she met Yen, a Global Mission pioneer who was working in her city. Kai Ming was impressed with Yen’s singing and invited him to teach her choir how to sing better. Yen agreed.

Soon Kai Ming realized that Yen knew his Bible well. She asked him to teach her more about the Bible. She invited her fellow church members to join her […]

Inside Story: Twice a Fisherman

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Fabrice knew nothing of God or Jesus.

As a fisherman, he spent weeks at a time on board a ship. One day one of the sailors gave him a book about God. He read it with great interest. Following the book’s instructions, Fabrice prayed his first prayer.

Fabrice wondered which Christian faith was the true path to God. He really didn’t know who God was or where to find answers to his questions, but he continued praying in the only way he […]

Inside Story: The Breadcasters

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A boy stood on the bank of a lake tossing bread crumbs into the water.

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Small minnows and larger fish came to the surface to grab the crumbs. I thought of Ecclesiastes 11:1 which says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again” (NIV).

The Church’s radio and television ministries are like that boy and the bread. We are “breadcasters;” we cast the Bread of Life onto the waters of the […]

Inside Story: Our First Choice

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I am a Christian, but not an Adventist.

My husband follows a different religion. We chose to send our two sons to Zamboanga Adventist Elementary School in the Philippines because we wanted them to study in a school with strong moral values. We looked at several schools, most of which had better facilities, but we chose the Adventist school.

Our boys like this school. They joined Pathfinders and really enjoy the activities. The children and teachers are so friendly. I love working […]

Inside Story: The Bible Text

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The foreign evangelist wasn’t sure what to expect as the evangelistic meetings among the Romani (Gypsy) people of Bulgaria neared.

The leaders couldn’t locate a suitable hall to rent. But the Romani Adventist community would let nothing stand in their way. They built a platform on a dead-end street and put benches in the street.

On opening night, crowds packed the street around the homemade platform. People filled the yards, balconies of homes, even nearby rooftops to hear the message of salvation […]

Inside Story: Embracing the World’s Cities

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More than half the world’s population lives in cities, yet the Adventist work in the cities languishes.

God has a heart for cities. Speaking of Nineveh, He asked, “Should I not be concerned about that great city?” (Jonah 4:11, NIV). When Jesus came to this earth, He “had compassion on [the people] because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36, NIV).

Jesus showed how to minister. He mingled with people, showed sympathy, ministered to needs, won confidence, […]