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We appreciate your comments — 5 Comments

    • I miss the old web page it was very ease to open, and to fine what I needed to help me in my classes.

  1. Wow! I am out of words-Glory to God,finally you have made a dream come true-I enjoy the new site very much,its good to read the comments on the current lesson,we have more to share-SAINTS I AM SO EXCITED THAT I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START-BUT TO SUM IT UP-THIS IS WONDERFUL!TO GOD BE THE GLORY-I AM NOT EASILY IMPRESSED BUT THIS!ITS THUMBS UP!LOVELY-SEE YOU LATER,WILL ALWAYS BE ON LINE-LOVE YOU ALL AND HAPPY SABBATH.

  2. Thank you for creating such an opportunity for the sharing of ideas! By the way, I am writing from Malaysian Borneo. And yes, I am using one version of my real name. God bless!

  3. I love the new site. You might want to fix the date at the top of lesson 3 to reflect July 9-15, instead of July 16-22. Other than that, the site is a hit. I am enjoying it.


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