Welcome to our new blog!

We plan to feature writers from all parts of the world — writers who demonstrate fidelity to biblical truth while engaging intelligently with the world around them, including the science. Our web sites statistics indicate that visitors regularly come from 165 countries of this world. While we probably won’t be able to feature writers from the majority of these countries, we do hope to have a small representation.

But we need  your help! You can use our contact form to tell us about Adventist thinkers in your part of the world — whether or not they are college-educated. Please tell us what you believe their areas of strength are and how to contact them. (Email address is good.)

Please give us feedback on current blog entries and let us know what subjects you would like to be featured and discussed in the future. When you comment, please let us know from what part of the world and what part of the country you are writing.

If something isn’t working for you, use the contact link to tell us exactly what isn’t working, how you are accessing the site, what operating system, what device, etc.

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