Guiding Principles for posting to the Sabbath School Net Discussion List

  1. All posts are expected to show Christian love and respect for other members of the list. Any post deemed to be unduly argumentative, caustic, or otherwise opposed to a spirit of friendly inquiry will be returned to the sender for revision.
  2. Since this is a Seventh-day Adventist list, posts that appear to attack the Seventh-day Adventist church and/or its teachings will not be sent to the list. However, our policy leaves room for posts that critically analyze Seventh-day Adventist doctrines and/or policies pertaining to the Sabbath School. And honest questions are always welcome.
  3. Ellen White is accepted as a messenger of the Lord in the Seventh-day Adventist church, and her status is not up for discussion on this list.

Practical Posting Rules

  1. Spam protection programs that require your contacts to confirm their email addresses are not practical to use with this list because it is likely that many folks on the list will not bother to “confirm” their email, and you will not get their posts. Furthermore, some of these programs generate messages which are automatically caught by the Andrews University spam filter. If you use such a program, please see that you configure it to automatically accept messages with “” in the “Reply-to” header.
  2. All notes for posting to the list should be addressed to
  3. NEVER send attachments to this list.
  4. Posts should be relevant to the Sabbath School discussion, the quarterly theme, biblical background for teachers, Sabbath School teaching methods, or to Sabbath School organization in general.
  5. You may reply to any post by using the “reply” function of your email program. Normally, you should not change the subject line when you reply. However, if your reply is likely to change the direction of the discussion, please amend the subject line to indicate this. (Usually it works best to add something to the end of the original subject line.)
  6. Preface the subject line of new posts with the lesson number to which your comment applies.
    EXAMPLE: “03: The Pearl of Great Price
    Our host computer automatically adds the prefix “SSNET:”
    (We reserve the right to edit subject lines to conform with our policies.)
  7. Since this is a Christian list in which we deal with the truth as it is in Jesus, we expect all contributors to be willing to use their real first and last names in their posts. Thus we ask you to include your full name in the body of every post, preferably at the top of the message or the bottom.
  8. When you include text from someone else, please make sure that who said what is clear to the reader.
  9. Quote only the most relevant parts of an earlier post. Moderators may strip away excess quoted materials, but it is time-consuming for them to have to do so. So please don’t send back a whole post just to say, “I agree.” In general, moderators tolerate more quoted material in the first response of a post initiating a thread. All further responders need only quote a minimum portion of the original note, for identification purposes.
  10. Should a post be returned to you, you are invited to re-evaluate, edit, and re-submit. Please do not attempt to argue with a moderator regarding sending your original post to the list.

Some Helpful Suggestions

  1. If you wish to respond to several posts on the same topic, you may combine these in one post.
  2. It is often appropriate to send a personal note of appreciation to a contributor rather than posting to the whole net. (Contributors’ email addresses are normally visible in  each post.)
  3. If your Sabbath starts before Sabbath in the USA, Americans would be delighted to read a summary of your SS class, in preparation for their own Sabbath School classes. 🙂

We hope that this forum will provide an environment in which you may find fellowship and be encouraged to grow in the love and service of God.

You can find the current lesson of the Adult Bible Study Guide online by clicking this link. If you wish to download the Adult Bible Study Guide or the Teacher’s Guide in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, you may do so at the  Adult Bible Study Guide website.

Yours in His service,
The SSNET Moderatorial Team