English Adult Sabbath School Lesson Resources

  • Email Discussion of the lessons in the Adult Bible Study Guide and related topics.The discussion may carry on for weeks on any one particular topic,even while new topics are brought up.
  • Weekly Teacher Helps via email are available by subscribing to our SSNET2 mailing list. On this list we distribute weekly helps written by Michael Fracker and Joyce Griffith.
  • Contemporary Comments Weekly commentary, often tied to a current national or world event. These may be used as an introduction to the current week’s study.
  • GoBible.org Weekly teaching outlines posted by BruceCameron.

Audio and Video Resourcesfor the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides

  • Hope Sabbath School Study at the Forest Lake Adventist in Flordia is  broadcast via Hope Satellite TV and available a week ahead of the date the lesson is scheduled for local churches. It is also available for download on the Forest Lake church site in MP3 and MP4 formats and is streamed in Windows Media format.
  • Doug Batchelor and the Sacramento Central Adventist Church discuss the current Sabbath School lesson a week ahead of time.Online video and audio formats. Downloadable Video available in WMV and MP4 formats,Audio available in WMA and MP3 formats.

Other Adult Sabbath School Resources

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