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Bible Lesson Archives

To order a paper copy of the current English Adult Bible Study Guide, you may go to the Adventist Book Center website and order online (or phone 1-800-765-6955) or find information on how to contact your nearest Adventist Book Center that sells the Bible Study Guides. To contact the staff responsible for the current and most recent lessons, please go to http://absg.adventist.org/ContactUs.htm (We have nothing to do with writing or editing the lessons.)

Quick Overview and Wayback Archives

The Quick Overview and Wayback Archives (all the way back to 1897!) are below the Reverse Chronological Order Archives. Most recent ones here:
| 2010-2019 | 2000-2009 | 1990-1999 |

Web Archives in Reverse Chronological Order, Beginning 1996

Getting to Know the Holy Spirit by Ron E. M. Clouzet

Click on link to purchase 2017 companion book by Ron E. M. Clouzet

Most of our archived Adult Bible Study Guides include linked Scripture references for your convenience so you can read the Word of God as you study the Sabbath School Bible lesson online wherever you may be. Currently we offer both Biblia.com and Bible Gateway versions. The default programming is currently the NKJV, but in previous years the default was the NIV Bible. However, with one additional click, you can read the Bible verse in the language and version of your choice. Please remember that the internet is a medium of change, and some of the links in previous lessons may no longer work. Specifically, if you want to contact us, do so through the contact link on this page, not the link at the bottom of previous lessons.

Archives of Adult Bible Study Guides, 1863-2015 (new!)

What were the Seventh-day Adventist pioneers studying in Sabbath School in 1863… in 1888… in 1914? Our new archives now includes quarterly & weekly lesson titles, cover images and PDF download links for every lesson since the formal Sabbath School guide was established in 1888. From 1863 to 1887 Sabbath School lessons appeared in the Review and Herald under the title of “Lessons for Bible Students”. This page is operational but currently under construction as we go through the old records. Sabbath School Archives (detailed) – | 2010-2019 | 2000-2009 | 1990-1999 | 1980-1989 | 1970-1979 | 1960-1969 | 1950-1959 | 1940-1949 | 1930-1939 | 1920-1929 | 1910-1919 | 1900-1909 | 1888-1899 | 1863-1887 the Review & Herald days Source Acknowledgment

Cover Gallery (new!)

Browse through the changing face of Sabbath School cover designs in this gallery spanning 1888-2015. Covers are all linked

  • 1888-1995 covers are linked to the new detailed archive pages
  • 1996-2015 covers are linked to our existing html lessons

Please note for those with limited internet traffic allowance this page contains 502 images – 2.9mb [Cover Gallery link]

Archive – Weekly Title Search (new!)

Looking for a particular topic/theme for additional study? Search through the entire Sabbath School records covering 1888-2014 here with both quarterly & weekly lesson titles. The contents/formatting are identical to the 10 year spans above with the exception that there are no cover images. There are links in each quarter

  • 1888-1995 links will download the quarterly lesson/guide
  • 1996-2015 links are linked to our existing html lessons

[Archive Weekly Title Search link (1888 to 2015 qtr 2)]

Archive Records help wanted!

Cover Gallery – if you have original lessons from 1990 and back we would love to get colour scans of covers to update our gallery & archive records which for 1990 and back are currently in black and white. Contact Us