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Scripture Songs

We’ve been asked for sources of Scripture songs. We supply some here. Please let us know if you know of any others, and feel free to share your experience in our comments section.


Beginner to Primary Sabbath School Lessons

Gracelinks Curriculum

This is the current standard curriculum for Seventh-day Adventist churches.

My Bible First Curriculum

This is a curriculum for leaders and teachers who prefer more structured lessons than the Gracelinks curriculum provides. Materials and stories contain true-to-life graphics instead of cartoon graphics. Resources include theme materials and visualized songs, teaching helps and memory verse aids.

My Bible First was started to help parents establish daily family worships. Children can understand the plan of salvation and the great controversy theme. All Bible lessons tell the Bible stories in the order they happened. Each week’s lesson builds on what was learned the previous week to help children tunderstand how God has been working in history, and the consequences of choices. Free samples available.

  • Primary Lesson Resources 3-year cycle for ages 7-9. My Bible First is designed to assist the early reader to begin a personal devotion time. The three-year cycle enlarges and expands the great controversy and plan of salvation theme introduced in the kindergarten lessons. Both one-time orders and standing orders accepted.
  • Primary Teaching Helps Detailed program outline and instructions for entire Sabbath school class time (75+ minutes) with complete materials list. Includes tex of weekly lesson, reproducible activity sheets, large Nature Corner booklet, coordinated with My Bible Pictures.
  • Primary Activity Sheets Individually printed activity sheets (not needed if you have Teaching Helps and a way to photocopy the activity sheets).
  • Primary Memory Verse Cards
  • Visualized Songs include MIDI files for each song.
  • Scripture Songs include illustrated Scripture books and audio CD`s of children saying and singing the passage.

Juniors/Teens (10 – 14)

GraceLinks Curriculum

  • Real-time Faith – Gracelink Lesson Resources for ages 13-14 in English, French and Spanish. These are mainly for larger churches which separate Junior and Earliteen classes. In smaller churches, this age group is usually combined with the Junior group, using a 4-year curriculum, or with the Youth group. The current student lesson is on the home page.

My Bible Says Junior/Teen Curriculum

  • Junior/Teen Bible Lessons 3-year cycle for ages 10 and up. It presents the plan of salvation in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation in the context of Bible stories. The last two quarters cover Reformation history and early Advent church history. In addition, Bible doctrines are presented in the context of the stories. Illustrations are true-to-life, rather than comic format.
  • Junior/Teen Teaching Helps

Young Disciple Curriculum for Juniors & Teens (Grades 5-8)

  • Daily Bible Study Lessons with a focus on teaching Juniors and Teens how to study the Bible for themselves and how to build their own relationship with Jesus. Available as hard-copy quarterlies or electronic downloads.
  • Teacher Helps available in hard-copy or through electronic downloads.  Included are tips and ideas for teaching the Young Disciple Bible lesson, detailed lesson plans for each week, fun and educational activities to get your class involved, ideas to help you spiritually challenge your class and discussion prompts for teaching the YD lessons to older youth.
  • Young Disciple magazine, an alternative to Guide magazine, with contemporary stories, but with realistic graphics. Aims to encourage kids to have their own relationship with Jesus. Sample copies of the magazine are available for free download.
  • Program Helps In the Young Disciple Program Helps, you’ll find suggestions for everything from room décor to organizing your program. Included are ideas for song service, prayer time, missions, Bible memory activities, sword drills, and a weekly special feature. You’ll also find a section especially for leaders of older youth.

High-school Age (14 – 18)

Sabbath School Ministry Descriptions

Felt Illustrations

While computer animations and PowerPoint presentations are popular, there’s still much to be said for old-fashioned “felt sets.” The advantage of felt sets is that children can be engaged in the stories by placing the felt figures on the board. Additionally, the felt experience is different from what they usually experience and thus has a special attraction.

Other Resources

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