Youth Sabbath School

Official GC Lessons for young people between the ages of 14-18:

  • Cornerstone Connections - Official Sabbath Resources for youth (15-18) and youth leaders. The current lesson link is on the home page. If you want to see other lessons, you need to click on the “For Teachers” or “For Students” links.

Cornerstone Topic Resources Resources for students and teachers.

Alternative Lessons for young people between the ages of 14-18:

  • Youth lessons from My Bible First!

    Sample lesson from MyBibleFirst

    Are your current lessons working for you and your class? If not, you can check out this alternative. You can download a sample copy and perhaps even ask your youth if they would like to study the Bible with these lessons.This is a 6-year cycle for Youth published by My Bible First. Topics covered in the Bible lesson include Relationships, How to study the Bible, Life of Jesus, Sanctuary, Christian Lifestyle, Church history, Ellen White, Salvation, Bible doctrines, Prophecy, Three Angels’ Messages, Christian Service, and Finances. You can download an overview chart.

Mission Resources

This is the age to inspire an interest in Seventh-day Adventist missions. We need to teach our  young people to look beyond themselves to the work that Jesus wants them to do. They are at the age of idealism when they are eager to respond to a challenge. Don’t waste it by just trying to entertain them. Challenge them!

Other Youth Resources

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Youth Sabbath School — 12 Comments

  1. If you (or anyone else) know of any helpful resources for this age group. Please let us know. You can post them in this Comment section, and then we can move them to the web page.

  2. I think your website shows confusion for the lesson plans. The ages overlap. Is there a reason the lesson plans are not based on grades since the ages don't really match up? For example, my daughter is 14 in the 9th grade. She won't be 15 until school begins in August. Nonetheless, I have a 16 year old student in the 10th grade. I don't know the situation with that though. Thanks,


  3. Question: Should our youth (ages 16 and up) attend the first phase of the Sabbath School, rather than hang around until lesson study time?

  4. Thankyou for the resoures outlined for the Youth Sabbath School,once i was a cornerstone teacher, and i used only Resources for students and teachers. now i found other resources from this website.Thankyou.

  5. The idea of "separating youth from adults" during worship is not found in Scripture. Luke 2:40-52 states that Jesus was 12 years old and "with His parents" when they attended the feast of the Passover. When they found Him missing on their return journey, they returned to Jerusalem and found Him sitting amid the elders in the temple, both hearing them and asking questions. It is believed that as "youth don't think like adults" or because of the "generation gap" that separation from adults is necessary. Not so. Children who sit with their parents from a young age, (as did I) observe and learn from them and adults around them, the important truths taught in their particular denomination, as well as how to behave in God's house. Hence they grow up very loyal to their faith and have a healthy respect for God. Sister White states "for ‘in the multitude of counselors there is safety’( although this statement is found in her health message, should this not be more important when it comes to spiritual guidance? We should revert to Biblical standards of worship when "all flesh shall come and worship before Me" Isa 66:23. There will be no segregation in heaven, so let us begin the practise here on earth.

    • As I see it, having Sabbath School classes with teaching suited to different age levels is not "separating for worship," because our Sabbath School classes are distinct from our worship services.

      If you are in a church where it is practical to have 12-year-olds in a Sabbath class with adults, then by all means do so. And make sure that the teaching is interesting enough and understandable for 12-year-olds. And be sure to choose songs that make sense to 12-year-olds. (Some old hymns don't even make a lot of sense to adults, let alone children. Others are timeless in their appeal.)

      That said, I think you make a good point in that we often do not expect enough of 12-year-olds.

      Just curious: Would you be willing to have your adult Sabbath School adapted to the point that it will maintain the interest of modern 6-year-olds? Would that same class hold your interest?

      • yes i agree with the above. some children prefer to sit with their parents during sabbath school class. they do not wish to go to their individual class eg. early-teens. The one conducting the class should be aware that the 12 yr-olds are in their group and try to teach to suit the 12 yrs old

    • Mr. Gotting

      I would have to ask how many children you have seen or raised who sat in the adult sabbath school are still in church. What is the comparison to those who attend a sabbath school directed to their specific age group? As a parent of 2 girls, I know they appreciate the opportunity to sing youthful songs, and participate in bible drills and other advantageous activities.


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