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12. More clothing imagery: Teaching plan — 5 Comments

  1. When we allow the devil to reign in our lives he wil blind us of even very obvious biblical truth. It was obvious to soldiers that Jesus is the promised Messiah but just because they allowed satan to reign in them they had to deny the naked &revealled truth. The devil can &is doing the same to us today. Lets allow Jesus to reign instead.

  2. I would really appreciate if at all you could be sending me some lessons in my inbox. At really don't have much time to read the bible and can't carry it around but my email is daily attendend to....thanks in advise chao...

  3. Yah really I have just gotten the whole truth, if you really let the devil to reign in your life definitely the naked truth will not be seen.....thus we ought to pray every now and then for the grace of God to be upon us...

  4. I like to read the lesson daily ,can you send to me the weekly study
    through my email above?

  5. I recently suffered from one of the conditions that would make a man "unclean until evening" by the Levitical law. It is such an immense blessing to know that Jesus is my high priest and that I can seek his forgiveness for sin without shame or severe punishment.

    I really don't understand what parts of the Levitical Law apply to us and what parts were to cease from the time of Christ's ministry.


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