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  1. I enjoyed a lot reading this message. My prayer today was that God could change me for the better and I know He will even though I have a weakness with this sin I know He will make a way. Thanks

  2. When a sculptor was asked how does he make such a beautiful sculpture, he replied:" I only remove the pieces that I can't use." That's what Jesus does to us. He removes all our sins, but only if we let Him. Then we remain pure and beautiful.

  3. So thankful to our Patient Creator! He loves us so much He will again re-create us as we surrender to His will. Speaking as someone who has helped remodel a house, it's SOOOO much easier to start with a new structure than try to fix all the problems in the old one. Just like my life; sometimes I try to keep the old and ask God to work around it. To which He replies, "Tear it down, all of it. Let Me build you the house of your dreams." And I know it will be worth it.

  4. As designer, artist and a student of architecture, I was truly blessed by the post. But most especially by the second part with Ben Carson. What a powerful, powerful story you have shared about him....

  5. God as Sculpture. Acts 9:1-22. It matters which light you have and it matters who's or which authority you have. Sometimes we ride on our high horse called life, convincing ourselves we're doing the right thing and heading to the right direction because of our authority - religious, social, financial, educational or political.

    It's not any light but light from Heaven that can guarantee we're on the right track. God may need to let us fall back to the earth, from where we came from to restore and recreate us. He specializes in restoration because He doesn't have a recycle bin and neither does He have a scrap yard.

    He's the Potter and we're the clay. He's the Author and we're just blank pages. He's the Sculptor and we're hard, unshaped granite. He's the Architect and we're ruined and desolate land. So long as we don't admit and acknowledge this fact, God the Mastermind and Master planer will never invade or intrude into our lives.

    We need to in order for us to live. We need to be foolish to this world in order to be prudent to God. We need God to blind us in order for us to see. That's why Jesus put salve on the on man's eyes who had been blind for 38 years, and it was evident that the Pharisees who thought had light were more blind than that man.

    It matters which light you have.

  6. Reference made to this scripture from Romans 9:13-18; Rom 9:21-23. Can the Living Father create some people for experimental purposes ???
    I need your help as far as this Sabbath School Lesson is concern GOD THE ARTIST, THE POTTER.

    • Dear Mugenzi,

      Thank you for your good question. I might rephrase it thus:

      How can the Living Father create some people for temporary purposes?

      In other words, does God make some people whom He doesn't care to save for eternity? I believe the overwhelming answer of the Bible is a resounding NO. II Peter 3:9 clearly tells us that God is "not willing that any should perish." John 3:16 says that "God so loved the world," not only those who believe, or who will ultimately believe and be saved. I John 2:2 says that Christ is "the propitiation" for the sins of the whole world -- not just the sins that would eventually be confessed and forsaken. One could go on and on. It is crystal clear to me that the Living Father loves every one of us far beyond our ability to grasp it.

      I believe that Paul, in Romans 9, was dealing with another question, a deeper analysis, if you please. The Bible teaches in Isaiah 46:10 (among other passages) that God always knows the future perfectly. Also, Jesus Himself clearly taught that many will ultimately perish in Gehenna. So, we can't get around the fact that God creates some people, knowing fully well that they will finally perish. Thus, such people must have been, in some ultimate sense, created for temporary purposes. It's simply inescapable. They will not be around to benefit from God's eternal purposes, which they have been furthering in spite of themselves.

      Some may be tempted to question whether this is right, whether God ought to behave in this way. That is where Paul draws the line, and I believe we should too. We the creatures have no business questioning the prerogatives or the character of our Creator. If He were not beyond our comprehension, then He would not (after all) be the infinite God, would He?

      I like the way Ellen White puts it in Steps to Christ, page 106.

      We can so far comprehend His dealings with us, and the motives by which He is actuated, that we may discern boundless love and mercy united to infinite power. We can understand as much of His purposes as it is for our good to know; and beyond this we must still trust the hand that is omnipotent, the heart that is full of love.

  7. God is indeed an artist look at how unique we all are. Each person his or her beauty to show. How wonderful.

  8. Lilianne is truly a servant of God! Her article really inspired and touched me. I also love her style of writing. The examples cited, everything was just perfect! May God continue to use you, Lilianne.

  9. The 'interruption' of the opening paragraph arrested my attention. Last Sunday I came home to an usually warm sunny March Michigan afternoon. I had been so pressed by my work deadlines.

    I saw the first spring flowers in my front yard. It was 'a Kodak moment'.

    The buttercup yellows begged me to photograph them with my cell phone. The blooms were so small but magnificent. I wonder what the neighbors thought of me laying on my belly capturing this interruption to my busy life.

    Thank you God

    PS: Yellow crocas photo delivered by your imagination 🙂


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