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HopeSS: The Church — 7 Comments

  1. I liked the comment about Jesus being the foundation of the church because his
    sacrifice made it possible to be forgiven for our sins. Jesus is our hope and
    salvation he is our example, we are to put our lives as an example of his. Jesus constantly prayed for the church and each one of us daily. We must pray and help others just as he did.

  2. Do you have to be baptized a second time if you fall away, then come back to the faith? Please help

  3. Thank you for the wonderful way you have been handling the Sabbath School lessons.It's inspiring. I've benefited a lot from you. May the almighty bless you all in Jesus name.Amen.

  4. I have been watching Hope SS on Roqu but the 2nd Quarter lesson 2 &3 are not there. I find lesson 1 and 13 for the 2nd quarter. Am missing it.

    • Hi Donna,
      Please understand that Sabbath School Net is not Hope SS. We only provide links to the Hope SS as a resource. If you have queries about their program availablity it is best to direct them to Hope SS.

      Oops! I am getting an error trying to get to Hope SS using this link. I am out in the bush photographing birds at the moment and will get back to you when I have worked out what the error is. It may just be an error because of my location.

  5. Happy Sabbath,
    As a sabbath school discussion leader, and a regular follower of your lessons very week, I've found out that over the years this has helped me to prepare my lessons every Sabbath.
    As a matter of fact I've been downloading the lessons and with the study guide has helped me have a deeper and clearer understanding of the lessons.
    Please keep it up to spread the word through your ministry.

  6. Good morning Pastor Derrick,
    My wife and I think HSS is really exceptional.
    One question we have is why you never quote Ellen White or talk about how bad the Papacy is? We live in Orlando


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