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  1. Consider the church fellowship dinner, when the table is overflowing I have heard people say "look what a blessing from the Lord", but would they say the same if there was hardly a thing to eat? What if people said " don't worry, the Lord will provide... and brought nothing! When do we rely on the Lord, and when do we provide for ourselves? Be careful not to be presumptuous, and learn to distinguish between these two attitudes.

  2. Thankyou for what you have been doing all those years,my big headach is where can i get a HOLY BIBLE in form of a braille, remember it is our duty, our Gcall to preach the Gospel,to teach them the ward of God, to revale or to have them have the grips of the character of GOD. (RAPHAEL NGIGI KAMAU FROM KABETE SDA)I

  3. Hi John, where I was born we have a saying - "The LORD provides food for the birds, but they must fly out to get it".

    When we have done all we can and have not what we need, GOD steps in to do what He will for us.

    It is said that Nehemiah when he was sending the first delegation back to Jerusalem provided all that he could for the safety of the trip including armed guards, then he prayed and asked the LORD to do what he could not.

  4. Happy Sabbath! This is Jean from Arayat ,Pampanga,Philippines Seventh Day Adventist Church

    This is my firs time to go in this site and God answer my prayer because as an infant or beginner in our church(almost 1 year being baptist) I'm trying to find ways so that I can easily understand our lesson and thanks God this a great answer! I can now explain in our class our lesson that they can easily understand.
    Aside from that I love the techniques,the methods and ways on how the discussion become more effective ,interactive and as a result not only the members there in the stage are become active but also the viewers like me.Thanks God for this wonderful site we have..God bless you always.

  5. Wisdom is necessary for choices. Wisdom from God is the key for us to do the good ones. Ask God and He will give us; right now!

  6. Thank you for sharing all the lessons at home, this is good to guide the people that can;t go to church because they are to sick, God bless you all for this great work, taking the word of God throughout the world.

    Emma Sanchez, have a blessed day!


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