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HopeSS: From Arrogance to Destruction (February 8, 2020) — 2 Comments

  1. Hello HopeSS. I enjoyed today's lesson, thank you. I have a question regarding king Belshazzar and his choice: (so, although he knew about Daniel and the Living God that he served), could it be that Belshazzar's heart was hardened at this point, and chose to follow the influence of his father Nabonidus (who raised him) who worshiped the moon-god sîn? I ask because, in today's times, I have seen people who know truth but won't follow it. They seem to admire the parent who chooses not to follow God's Word.?? Blessings, and thank you in advance for your enlightening response.

    • Hi Ehriqa Lofton. We only provide a link to the HopeSS lesson study here, so they will not actually see your comment. However, I will try and answer your question for you.

      There is a lot of difference between knowing the truth and letting the truth make a difference in your life. How many people know the truth about cigarette smoking but still smoke anyway? In Belshazzar's case, I think the issue is more complicated. I suspect that he was rather hedonistic and oppressive. Such people use religion to feed their own pride and lust irrespective of what they "know" to be the truth.


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