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HopeSS: From Battle to Victory (March 14, 2020) — 3 Comments

  1. Please pray for me the devil hates me since a child I'm in love with God. I've been through the worse but God gave me victory over my enemies but the devil isn't quitting I can feel his presence but I know God's plan and purpose is much greater. Please pray for my family for my sons and daughters to return to church. Also for God to use me much more.thank you and God bless your ministry. I'm from Boston, Massachusetts cape verdean SDA

    • Satan hates every follower of Jesus. He hates them with consummate hatred but Jesus is our friend and more he is a mightier conqueror.He says to us all... Lo I am with you ALWAYS even unto the end of the world. God loves You like an only son he will fight for you he surely will...only be faithful and God will send all the forces of heaven to rescue you if it so requires because he loves you with unconditionally

  2. Be guided by God.

    Maria, Satan is ramping up his strategy in these last days but hold on, don’t give up. So many things are happening in these days, keep praying as we pray for you. The battle is already won at the cross. Will pray.


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