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HopeSS: Growing in Christ — 5 Comments

  1. Die To Self Every Day.
    Any person whether a follower of Jesus or not will suffer frustration and pain in life.We cannot retain our old self and be filled with the fullness of God.We must be emptied of self.Ellen G. White put it plainly, In Heavenly Places, pg 155.The Coss was an instrument of death. What Jesus meant or was referring to is committment to Him even unto death- obedience to the extreme measure and willingness to die in pursuit of obedience.Death on a cross was not pleasunt.It was painful and humiliating and one could even days before succumbing.
    By Jesus sying, ''Take up your Cross and Follow me'',He was giving a word picture of concept of ''death to self''. The idea here was that nothing in this life is worth keeping if it means loosing eternal life, not a job, not a family,not a group of friends and not even our own identity.This call is tough.

    • I really like the last part of William T. Molo. Nothing in this life is worth losing our eternal life. The best thing to do is surrender our life every day to our Daddy and have a great relationship with Him in prayer. Jesus Himself will help us to do it if we ask Him.

  2. I enjoyed listening to this program, did not know it existed, thank you for sharing the Word, I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, trying to grow closer to the Lord. Thanks again. Please pray for me, and my 4 daughters, that we will grow closer to the Lord. It is hard, very hard as a single parent to set an example for my daughters to follow. Especially when they see me not doing right, and there are other influences working against me. Thank you again.

    • Leslie- keep the faith and teach your daughter's what is right by not preaching but by your lifestyle. If there is something not right in your life ask God to help you line up with his word and will. He will do it just have a willing heart to let him clean your life up. Blessings my sister.


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