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HopeSS: The Law of God — 3 Comments

  1. Hello to all Hope Sabbath School Members and Pastor Morris and all .
    It was indeed a blessing listening the sabbath school discussion, Everyday when I get ready for work sabbath school discussion is my spiritual food before anything else. This week, I am assign to teach or lead the Sabbath School Lesson and hope sabbath school is my guidance in our discussion . Your lesson helps me a lot to dig dipper the word of God and understanding of the lesson thought and sharing everyones experiences and thoughts.
    Thank you Hope Sabbath School for bringing your words into our home. God is good all the time.

  2. Hello my brothers and sisters including you pastor.Thank God forthe social network,when Jesus said this gospel should be preach in all the earth this is it.I really like the indept and how the young people conteract,i take my bible to work and study with you..Thanks for helping me understand the bible clearer,when people comes to my work place they ask if am a christian and sometimes they watch and listened and i like that.God bless you all

  3. Hello Pastor Morris, I was informed at Camp Hope 2014 Conference that I could access the Sabbath School Lessons on my tablet. I thought I needed a satalite dish. Oh how happy I am to listen in to your lesson before our own churches bible study. We are new to God's special church on earth and your lesson is a blessing. Thank you! I have never been so impressed with a church. I have learnt more about the bible in the past two and half years than I have in my whole lifetime. We made our commitment to God and Jesus Christ and were baptized Camp Hope Aug 2nd at your 11AM service. God bless your Sabbath School! Lynn and Bob.


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