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HopeSS: Living by the Word of God (June 27, 2020) — 2 Comments

  1. we must be pragmatic to what we believe,the Bible as word of God is the living word because our Lord is living .To be pragmatic is to practice what we read from the Bible by being part and parcel of our life.Looking upon Jesus as our real example to what we believe by the aid of the holy spirit

  2. 'Jesus quoted the Word of God' is the often repeated theme in the Hope Sabbath School discussion, as derived from the SS Guide. Did we miss that Jesus Christ is God, and The Scriptures His Writings? Did we miss His declaration that He is God, quoting His Manuscript as His Authoritative Prior Revelation?

    Was He not the Living Word as He 'studied', memorized, and referenced His Words? And if He is the Word, and the Bible is His story of His relationship with humans, then is He not speaking out of Himself, as He did hundreds and thousands of years before?

    God is Jeshua and Jeshua is God, Creator of the Universe, as He said. He came to be our Salvation, not only in death and resurrection, but also to be His thoughts (Intent of the Heart), be His Words (Truth, Way), and be His Life (Branch of the Vine). Then the Word of Scripture is no longer a quotation when spoken by His transformed Children, but a statement of who we are, represented in what comes out of us - Likeness, Image of the Word.


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