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  1. on Thursday- remembering and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus is not the same as the sabbath and does not replace the sabbath.

  2. on Wednesday- Jesus' reaction to the comments of the Pharisees revealed their lack of love and compassion for man. we have a compassionate and merciful God

  3. To me Sabbath means that in this special day God has set aside for our healing (mental or physical), our recreation with Him and remembering that He has created and sustains us (being thankful for His mighty Hand) and finally like in the Original creation week He comes to us (as he seeked the sick to heal on Sabbath day) and looks for us in this Special time. In his never ending, never fully understood Glorious Mercy has come To This earth in search for what was lost and also continues to look for us on the Sabbath day waiting for us to come to Him

  4. Thank you for the video lesson. I was truly blessed to study with the class on this wonderful Sabbath day. The truth that was shared by the students was amazing. Many today believe that God changed the Sabbath day to Sunday but in my studies and research I found that this was not true. For many years I believe the lie, that so many of my christian friends believe today. God did not change His Sabbath Day to a Sunday, but is still in effect today. I thank God for Hope TV for sharing the truth to those who want to know truth such as myself.

    Thank you,
    Jacqueline Gordon of Chicago, ILL.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful teachings you provide to our daily lives.These indeed a blessing and continue to spread the good news.Now I have answers where I was struggling to understand and all glory be to GOD our creator.


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