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HOPESS: The Bible and Prophecy (June 13, 2020) — 4 Comments

  1. There are two identifiers of the subject in Daniel 8:13-14, one is the word “taw-meed” H8548, the other is the word “ko'-desh”H6944, both words identify the same subject.

    From Strong's for “taw-meed” we have: “continuance (as indefinite extension); perpetual”, and for “ko'-desh”: “hallowed (thing), holiness,”.

    Please consider why these two words can not be applied to daily sacrifice in the Sanctuary, because daily sacrifice and Sanctuary are not perpetual, do not have “indefinite extension”, only Shabbat is perpetual and of infinite extension.

    Golgotha was the final sacrifice once and for all, New Jerusalem will not have a Temple/Sanctuary, only Jesus the Messiah and His Shabbat have infinite extension, are perpetual.

    Correctly interpreted Daniel 8:13-14 reads: ”2300 evenings and mornings Shabbat will be restored to the Sanctuary the Christian Church”,
    This interpretation is derived from the Hebrew root word for "ko'-desh found in Genesis 2:3, this same method is used by Daniel to decipher the writing on the wall in Dan ch.5
    Facts on the ground after the disappointment in 1844 also confirm this interpretation, Dan 8:13-14 was fulfilled here on earth by the raising up of the Seventh Day Adventist movement, our primary mission is to restore the Decalogue in the multi-denominational Christian Church.


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