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HopeSS: The Seven Trumpets (Feb 16, 2019) — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks, Hope Sabbath School for your edification, clarity and comprehension of the scriptures, continue to pray for persons who struggle with their walk with Jesus esp. those who are newly baptized or recommitted members of our faith.

  2. Greeting in the might name of Jesus Christ our soon coming king I am writing from Canada.I am a regular listener to Hope Sabbath school you are all angles from God each week i learn how much more God love us and desire us to trust him, may God continue to shine is love and blessing upon each of you and your family as you ministry to his people. The lessons from Revelation can sometime be a challenge but when you all share what God inspire you with the lesson become so easy to understand. I sometime teach my sabbath school class because of what I learn from each of you. Thanks to pastor for his prayers
    Thanks be our heavenly father for this ministry.

  3. Impressive and confirming discussion on the 7 trumpets. This was my first time listening to Hope SS. Wonderful forum!

    Thank you to Pastor Morris and the whole team!


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