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HopeSS: Words of Truth (Feb 28, ’15) — 6 Comments

    • Woooooow I enjoyed this lesson. it was so practical and straight to the point. Brethren may the almighty bless you always am glad i keep in touch every friday from the moment i noted this web. Once again God bless you. Am Anne from Kenya currently residing in Dubai

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    Thank you hopeSS I've been blessed and l love the way your members contribute, l pray if that spirit will also be adopted in our church it would us lift up spiritually, but only 3 or 4 members contribute in a class of 30.

    Pray for our members to contribute but if you see them during the week they contribute on things that won't save their lives.

    GOD help us

    • It is good to be a part taker of God's word thru fb website millions of people will know the truth , way and the life of Jesus , who he is? thanks to the servant of God who has been inspired by the holy spirit from God by preaching his gospel. More power...


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