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  1. I enjoy listening to Hope Sabbath School. The lessons are good for our learning and faith in God our Father. God bless you all for airing these lessons on the internet to people world wide. Please pray for me as an individual that I may continue to listen to the Holy Spirit voice.

    • Hi Evans, I pray all is well,

      Understand that forgiving does not mean the incident did not happen, it does not mean that your emotions were not damaged. It doesn't even mean that you are not angry at the one who wronged you.

      Forgiveness means that you make a conscience intelligent decision, (based on God's faithfulness) to give up your right to punish the individual and to let your Father in heaven fight the battle for you.

      You forgiving the one who has hurt you, keeps you healthy, keeps you from making unecessary mistakes and it allows you to open your heart to not only trust others, but to trust God as well.

      Although you were hurt and probably hurt bad, you cannot stand in condemnation of the decisions others make about their lives, even when their decision damages us.

      Healing is not going to be immediately, but it will come, and believe it or not you are the one who determines how long your healing takes.

      Forgive to be healed, not to release the other person.

    • Only with with God's help. When we pray the Lords prayer we find the answer. God gave His life that we could be forgiven while we're yet sinners. Have faith dear one because His faithfulness.

  2. Hope Sabbath School has been blessing to me. While I look forward to the study, I really enjoy the scripture songs and find them a very useful way of fixing the precious truths in my mind. The ability to Forgive another who has wronged us is heavily dependent upon our willingness to cooperate with God Who would have us to forgive more readily than we can ever imagine. On the other hand, facilitating or encouraging unforgiveness is likened to drinking poison hoping it would kill the person we fail to forgive.

  3. This was a incredible lesson. I was truly blessed by the scriptures shared and the full counsel of God's word. In many ways we seem to doubt and limit God but he is faithful. I love the fact that we need to pray for each other because Pray is the means in which we connect to the power of God. Many of the trials we go through is to Galvanize the community of faith.


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