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  1. Alas. There have a few times I would like to ask, "Rosalie, could you clarify what you were saying when you said, '...'?"

    • Dana,
      I am Rosalie's brother. I understand your concern. Rosie and I discussed her lessons and some of the issues at length while she was preparing them. One of the concerns was the broad general nature of so many of the questions in our Sabbath School Quarterly Lessons. We both agreed that many of the comments and questions are much more academic than practical.

      As you may know Rosalie died 6 weeks before the quarter began. So like you as I read some of the questions, I wished I could ask her what she meant. Then it occurred to me to ask my other sister if she knew where I could get the original drafts that were submitted to the Sabbath School editors. There is where you find the answer to your question and mine. These lessons go through a great deal of editing and apparently "wiser" highly educated minds find it necessary to direct the material to the highest intellect rather than regular folk trying to understand and study God's word.

      I don't know if this is helpful but it has been a great concern to me. Rosalie believed, taught and lived a very real practical Christian life. She sought to simplify the Gospel not complicate it.

  2. I would like to thank you for the wonderful lessons; I am truly blessed.
    May God continue to guide you in His Grace.

    Can I get the Picture of you and your family?

  3. Belson,

    Not sure which picture you are referring to, but send your request or comments to and I'll be glad to see that you get the picture. I am Rosalie's brother.

  4. It's a shame the author of this quarter's beautiful lesson study is dead.It is a bit strange and confusing that the author died before her work came out.I guess it should have been the other way round.Be it that as is may,she did a very good job.The lessons are concise and interesting.I am enjoying them.See her on that glorious resurrection morning.

  5. I am glad the background of the author was provided. It gives the reader a chance to see the author beyond his or her words. We are blessed that she wrote her thoughts down.

  6. Harold, Rosalie and I were close friends during our academy days at SWJC in Keene, TX - then room mates at Union College our first year there. She was SO dear to me and my heart is sad to hear of her death. Her influence was very positive in my life and I know I will see her in heaven. I think of her every day when I study my lesson. She was such a good Bible scholar! God bless you and family. Carole

  7. Thank you so much for these quarterlies! They were and are such a blessing! I find so much pleasure and nourishment in their study! We need more of this approach!

  8. Never fear! I, for one, can clearly see the practical value of the lessons coming through. Also, this quarter, I can truly say that the lessons are right on. What a heritage Rosalie has left!

  9. I am so sad to learn of Rosalie's death! I had often fondly wondered what had happened to her. She was a Bible worker briefly at the Kalamazoo, MI church when I was a girl. I remember going door to door with her and my Mom passing out literature on Sabbath afternoons. She was always so cheerful and kind. When I looked at my quarterly last quarter and saw the first name of the author, I immediately checked thoroughly to see if it really was the lovely lady I remembered. I'd hoped to find her and tell her how much the lessons meant to me and how I appreciated her from my youth. I will certainly put her near the top of my list of people to find soon after resurrection morning. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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