SDA Sabbath School Lessons
January 13, 1996

#2 The Purpose of Bible Study

Read for this week's study:

Memory text: Matthew 7:25-26

Key thought:

Among other things, the Bible challenges us to discover God's will for our lives and to learn how to grow in grace as we prepare for His soon-coming kingdom.

Preparation for Bible Study.

When people gather to study the Word of God, they bring their personal problems, definite spiritual challenges, and deep emotional needs to the task. Too often we leave the exploration of Scripture to Scholars. But should Bible study be left only to those with special knowledge? The answer to this question is foiund in the purpose of the Bible study.
In order to be a careful interpreter of Scripture, there is one primary challenge. We must seek to understand what God is saying to us. This involves asking the right questions of the Bible text--questions that the Holy Spirit brings to our minds as we study and meditate upon particular passages. Thus we can find specific answers for our individual needs.
Prayer for divine enlightenment is the first step. (See The Great Controversy, p. 521.) As we speak and listen to God, our hears are prepared to understand His written word.



The purpose of Bible study includes both systematic discovery of God's will and application of biblical principles for ourspiritual growth and development. This twofold process of understanding and application provides the basis for Christian living. God nees individuals who are committed to personal study, discovery, and application to life.

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