SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Sabbath afternoon August 3, 1996


GOD'S LAW OF TEN COMMANDMENTS IS THE STANDARD FOR ALL. Ann Landers once said to a group of college students, "If God had not regarded it as important that we obey Him, He would have given us ten suggestions." Many people treat the Ten Commandments as a set of laws that do not have relevance to us today. Some argue that the attempt to obey the Ten Commandments amounts to legalism. They think the law of love demands that we sometimes act contrary to the Ten Commandments.

Some Christians declare that the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross. They assert that the Old Testament ten-commandment law is no longer binding.

Others believe that their works of obedience to the laws of God and the policies of the church will somehow improve their standing with God. They believe that God's grace and our faith are necessary, but that our works are part of the means by which we are saved.

Has God always had a law that He has required His created beings to obey? What is the relationship between the Ten Commandments and salvation by faith in Jesus Christ?