SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Monday August 5, 1996

The Sabbath at Sinai (Exod. 20:8-11).

What is the significance of the word remember in the fourth commandment? Exod. 20:8.

Remember suggests that the Sabbath must have preceded the writing of the Ten Commandments on stone at Sinai. Moreover. before Sinai, God sent a double portion of manna on the sixth day so that Israel could observe the seventh day as a Sabbath (Exod. 16:4, 5, 22-30). As a Creation ordinance, the Sabbath had come down from Paradise. It was observed by Israel in the wilderness during the three months before Sinai (Exod. 19:1).

Who wrote the Sabbath law at Sinai? Exod. 20:1, 2.

"I am the Lord. Literally, I am Yahweh,' a name derived from the verb 'to be.' 'to become'. It means 'the Existing One,' 'the One, who causes to be'.... When, therefore, Jesus said to the Jews of His day, 'Before Abraham was, I am' (John 8:58), they understood that He was claiming to be the Lord' of the Old Testament. This explains their hostility and their attempt to kill Him (John 8:59). It was Jesus Christ, the second person of the Godhead, who was the 'God' of the Israelites throughout their history (Exod. 32:34; John 1:1-3; John 6:46, 62; John 17:5; 1 Cor. 10:4; Col. 1:13-18; Heb. 1:1-3; Rev. 1:17, 18; PP [Patriarchs and Prophets], p. 366)."-- SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 1, p. 601.

Is the Sabbath rest spiritual or physical? Or is it both? Why? Exod. 20:11; Gen. 2:2.

The Sabbath is a time for us to come apart from the cares of the week and come to the One who cares. "No unnecessary secular labor is to be performed on that day. It is to be spent in religious reflection, worship, and service for God. It provides, as well, an opportunity for physical rest. This feature of the Sabbath is peculiarly important to man in his sinful state, when he must earn his bread by the sweat of his face (Gen. 3:17-19)."-- SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 1, pp. 604, 605.

What does it mean to us that Christ, who wrote the Sabbath law at Sinai, is also the Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:28)?