SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Sabbath afternoon August 11, 1996

Ancient Babylon Typifies Modern "Babylon."

At the various stages of its existence, ancient Babylon was characterized by religious confusion. One would think that after the Flood humankind would have wished to remain in the closes fellowship with the true God and to avoid the kind of apostasy that led to the ruin of the antediluvian world. But it was not so. Instead of learning from the precedents of history, postdiluvian humanity sought to exalt human achievement. By choosing their own gods and implementing their own religious fantasies, they withdrew from the orbit of Jehovah's love and protection. The result was the fragmentation of human society and the abandonment of the patriarchs' spiritual ideals.

Modern "Babylon." also involves a confusion of religious ideas and spiritual commitments. Unity of religion on any other basis than Bible truth constitutes Babylon. The issue confronting every human being on earth will soon be, To whom should I give my loyalty, to Christ or to Babyon?