SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Sabbath afternoon September 14, 1996

Satan couched his lie in a visual aid.

SATAN COUCHED HIS LIE IN A VISUAL AID. (See Gen. 3:1-4). The first surprise to Eve was to hear a serpent talking in human language. The second surprise was to see the serpent eating of the forbidden fruit. The serpent said in effect: "Look, Eve, I am eating the fruit. Am I dead? Look what the fruit has done for me. If this fruit did so much for me, you as a human may become like God."

The whole thrust of Satan's speech through the mouth of the serpent was: "Look how much you could improve yourself if you were to eat the fruit. God is keeping back marvelous advancement from you. This is why He said you will die. He is a liar. Eat, and you will become truly liberated and exalted." To Eve, seeing was believing. She believed her senses, made the decision, and ate. Ever since that fatal temptation in Eden, Satan has promoted his first lie ("you shall not die'') by appealing to the senses.

What is death? What hope is there beyond the grave? How does the Bible unmask Satan's deceptions?