SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Sabbath afternoon October 5, 1996

The Faith of Abraham is to be Our Faith

THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM IS TO BE OUR FAITH. God searched for and established a people who would respond to Him in faith and obedience. Abraham is presented in Scripture as a type of God's faithful people. As the forefather of Israel, God's chosen nation and church, Abraham's experience exemplifies the family tie God wishes to have with His children.

Abraham was bom in ancient Babylon (Ur), a country steeped in idolatry and sin. Even though his parents partially yielded to the pagan influences surrounding them, Abraham longed for a pure experience, a genuine connection with God. "Faithful among the faithless, uncorrupted by the prevailing apostasy, he steadfastly adhered to the worship of the one true God."-Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 125. Thus God was able to reveal to Abraham "a distinct knowledge of the requirements of His law and of the salvation that would be accomplished through Christ."-p. 125.

The Lord led Abraham out of his native land, away from the pagan influences of Ur of the Chaldees, so he would be free to develop spiritual strength without interference. We may learn from Abraham's experience how to give the claims and call of God first place without being callous or unkind toward family members or society in general.