SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Sabbath afternoon November 23, 1996

Church Life, Part 2

Seeing The Gospel. A man came to a mission station in central China and asked to become a Christian, even though he had never heard the gospel preached and could not read. When he was asked how he knew about the gospel, he said that he had seen it. His neighbor, a man who had long been a "worthless" opium addict, had journeyed to a far away town and returned transformed; he uprooted the poppies in his garden, repaired his house, planted and tended his crops, and provided for his family as a decent man should. The former addict said that the gospel of Christ had changed his life. His neighbor, hearing about it, came all the way to the mission station to become a Christian.

A genuine Christian life explained the gospel more simply and more effectively than any arguments could have done.

How can the aspects of the Christian life we studied last week explain Christianity to others more effectively than any arguments? Keep this same question in mind for each aspect of Christian life we will study this week.