SDA Sabbath School Lesson 9

Friday November 29, 1996

Further Study: What lessons regarding stewardship does the parable of the shrewd manager teach in Luke 16:1-15? Read any or all of the following:"Friends by the Mammon of Unrighteousness" and "Talents" in Christ's Object Lessons, pp. 366-375, 325-365; "The Sabbath" in The Desire of Ages, pp. 281-289.

"By beholding we are to become changed, and as we meditate upon the perfections of our divine Model, we shall desire to become wholly transformed and renewed in the image of His purity. There will be ahungering and thirsting of soul to be made like Him whom we adore. The more our thoughts are upon Christ, the more we shall speak of Him to others, and represent Him to the world. We are called to come out and be separate from the world, that we may be the sons and daughters of the MostHigh; and we are under sacred obligation to glorify God, as His children upon the earth. It is essential that the mind should be stayed upon Christ, that we may hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto us at the revelation of Jesus Christ from heaven." -E.G. White Comments, SDA Bible Commentary, Vol. 3, p. 1145.

Discussion Questions:

  1. After studying this week's lesson, how would you answer the Key Questions in Sabbath Afternoon's lesson?
  2. A large evangelistic campaign has been conducted in your area. Many converts have joined local Seventh-day Adventist churches, including yours. After a few weeks, many of these converts have fallen away. Some others who attend are still wearing jewelry and have been seen shopping on the Sabbath. How should you respond?
    1. Blame the pastor and the evangelist for having too many premature baptisms?
    2. Vow never to support another evangelistic campaign?
    3. Rebuke these new converts for their shaky commitment and lack of faithfulness to standards?
    4. Discuss your concern about the situation with the pastor and, perhaps, the church board?
    5. Personally befriend the new members, continue to study with them, and include them In small-group meetings and social fellowship?

Summary: How we live as Christians can have a significant effect on the church's mission. As the unconverted observe the results of our love for Christ, both in our own character development and in our service to the world, they also will be drawn to believe in Him.