SDA Sabbath School Lesson 10

Sabbath Afternoon November 30, 1996

The Church Militant

BOUND BY CHAINS to a Roman soldier, Paul had ample opportunity to study military armor. Perhaps this is how he came to understand that Christians also have their armor (Eph. 6:10-18).

The belt buckled around the soldier's waist held together his armor, allowing him freedom of movement. How does the belt of God's truth give us freedom? The soldier's breastplate protected his heart. How does the breastplate of righteousness protect the Christian? Sandals were the mark of a soldier prepared to move out. The sign of Christians on the move is their eagerness to share the gospel. The large, oblong, wooden shield of the Roman soldier protected him from a dart dipped in pitch, then set on fire. Upon impact, the shield smothered the dart. What are Satan's darts? And how does the shield of faith protect us from them? A soldier's helmet protects his head, the center of will and intelligence. How does the helmet of salvation protect us? A soldier wields his sword both defensively and offensively. How is the sword of God's Word an offensive and defensive weapon for Christians?