SDA Sabbath School Lesson 11

Sabbath Afternoon December 7, 1996

THE RULER HAD ISSUED THE DECREE. And as it reached the comers of his realm, the children of God sang and laughed. They could go home at last! Many of them, including Daniel, had studied the prophecies, beseeching God to intervene on their behalf. He had heard their prayers! Soon, approximately 50,000 of them chose to restore their homeland. Their friends who stayed behind showered them with precious objects to assist them with the task.

"The long journey across the desert wastes was accomplished in safety, and the happy company, grateful to God for His many mercies, at once undertook the work of re-establishing that which had been broken down and destroyed." - Prophets and Kings, p. 560.

As quickly as they could, they built an altar and reestablished the holy services that had been discontinued when Jerusalem was destroyed. They were a faithful remnant, pleased to do God's will. It is readily possible to imagine them singing the words of Psalm 126:1-3. As you study this week's lesson, look for comparisons between this remnant and the remnant that will work and rejoice during earth's last days.