SDA Sabbath School Lessons
Friday November 8, 1996

Further Study

Project yourself into the description of the saints' deliverance portrayed in the chapter "God's People Delivered, "The Great Controversy, pp. 635-652.  In your mind, contrast the destiny of the saved and that of the lost, and resolve anew to remain unshakably loyal to Christ and His gospel.  Or read Revelation 21 and 22, and contemplate the glory of being in the New Jerusalem.  Consider the priorities you might need to reorganize if truly "your citizenship is in heaven" (Phil. 3:20, NIV).

"Through them [His people] the Sun of Righteousness will shine with undimmed luster to the world.  Christ has given to His church ample facilities, that He may receive a large revenue of glory from His redeemed, purchased possession.  He has bestowed upon His people capabilities and blessings that they may represent His own sufficiency.  The church, endowed with the righteousness of Christ, is His depositary, in which the riches of His mercy, His grace, and His love, are to appear in full and final display.  Christ looks upon His people in their purity and perfection, as the reward of His humiliation, and the supplement of His glory." - The Desire of Ages, p. 680.


1. Carefully review the character description of the 144,000 in Revelation 14:1-5. What changes will you have to make in order to follow the Lamb wherever He goes?

2. Discuss the idea of covenanting as a class to pray daily for the latter rain. What part will the experience described in Revelation 12:11 have in obtaining the latter rain?

3. After studying this week's lesson, how would you answer the Key Question in Sabbath Afternoon's lesson?

SUMMARY: Guided, empowered, and protected by God, the church will be enveloped with Christ's glory at His second coming. Because each member will be clothed with Christ's righteousness - the full manifestation of His indwelling power in every believer's heart - He will be able to take them to heaven, where there will be no more sorrow, death, or pain and where God Himself shall wipe away every tear (Rev. 21:4). "Glory to God in the highest."