Frame Hints and Tips

The content area of this page is segmented into rectangular frames, each frame contains its own page with a unique URL. Generally speaking the toolbar and menu items affect the top-level page. Navigating among the right and left frame works on a per frame basis: choosing Back returns you to the previous frame and choosing Forward moves the frame ahead.

To select a frame, click anywhere inside the frame.

Some keyboard shortcuts, Page Down, affect only the selected frame.

Some menu items, printing and document mailing, apply to the current frame only.

Using the right mouse button may bring up a submenu with various choices.

The frames can often be re-sized by positioning the cursor in the border between frames and dragging the adjacent frame to a new position. In our case, this function has been eliminated by the programmer.

To print a page within a frame, first move to the desired frame. The menu option under File should now read Print Frame.

Last updated on March 19, 1997

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