SDA Sabbath School Lessons
February 4, 1996

#5 Understanding Types of Bible Literature

Read for this week's study:

Memory text: Ephesians 4:22-24

Key thought:

God has revealed Himself in the Bible through various kinds of literature. In order to understand and to apply God's messages, we need to know something about these kinds of literature.

Learning about Bible literature.

The sacred text contains many kinds of material or types of writing. Sometimes the Bible gives us insight into the history of God's people. At other times it presents commands and laws. Many times, in the inspirational words of the Old Testament poets, God's character comes to us in beautiful words of symbol and praise. At other times the purpose of the Bible words is direct spiritual instruction. Divine counsel may be prophetic in nature and may seem somewhat obscure or hidden. At other times this counsel is in the form if letters to a blossoming young church learning to face the challenges of spiritual growth in the face of cultural pressures, doctrinal divisions, and the need to prepare for the Lord's coming.
This week we will explore four types of literature in God's Word and learn how better to understand and apply the text to our own situations. We will look at parables, poetry, prophecy, and history.



The Bibe was written in a number of literary forms. Four of these are parables, poetry, prophecy, and history. Parables elucidate truth for believers, poetry expresses eternal principles in beautiful language, prophecy reveals thehand of God in history and at the end of time, and history illustrates God's dealings with His people.
Since more thatn 40 percent of our Bible is historical, we are able to consider the importance of biblical examples in our walk of faith.

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