SDA Sabbath School Lessons
February 10, 1996

#6 How to study a Bible theme

Read for this week's study:

Memory text: Romans 3:24

Key thought:

The thematic method of Bible study helps is to investigate the great theme of the Bible. We learn about the theme by approaching it with a set of questions, analyzing the passages, summarizing our conclusions, and then writing out a personal application. The purpose of this method of Bible study is to become acquainted with God's will as seen in major Bible passages.

Discovering God's grace.

To demonstrate the thematic approach to Bible study, this week we will study the theme "grace." The thematic approach is a type of topical study. Focusing on one theme, it explores the Bible's teaching and application of that theme to our lives. We discover what we can about a chosen theme by examining Bible passages that deal with it, allowing specific Bible passages to suggest questions for which we seek answers throughout Scripture. This method requires some tools for study (a concordance, Bible commentaries, and dictionaries), but we will provide all the information you need to understand the theme grace in the Bible.
One advantage of this method is that it is the easiest type of personal Bible study. It is a simple method that can result in a profound understanding of the Bible.



Thematic Bible study is one helpful means of learning more about grace. Grace, the love of God manifested in His infinite saving work for humanity, has been available throughout history. The cross was the supreme revelation of God's grace. His grace continually comes to us through the compassionate ministry of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

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